Biomutant Ako’s Camp Area Objectives: Where To Find The Helpless Soul, Superb Loot & Skillpoint Codex

by Vlad
June 6, 2021

Biomutant Ako’s Camp is a landmark featured in the video game developed by Experiment 101, located in Sector 8D of the Whereabouts Biome.

Ako’s Camp is quite rich in loot, and it includes four Area Objectives you have to find during your exploration. The first one is a Helpless Soul, the second one is a Skillpoint Codex, while the third and fourth ones; are Superb Loots.

Again, this location is not part of the game’s story; however, Ako’s Camp in Biomutant must be visited if you are a completionist because of the Helpless Soul, which is required to finish the Captives side-quest.

On top of this, the Skillpoint Codex here grants your character an upgrade point.

So throughout the guide below, we’ll talk about this specific camp.

Where To Find Ako’s Camp In Biomutant

As you can notice on the map below, this landmark is found on the northwestern side of the Whereabouts Biome.

Specifically, you’ll find it close to the following locations:

Ako's Camp Biomutant Area Objectives Locations

When you get to this landmark, you’ll find a well-protected camp.

To get inside, simply open the wooden gate; but stay alert because you’ll need to face a lot of enemies.

Along with the mobs inside, you’ll also have to deal with Ako’s Akki and Ako.

Both of them are bosses, and you may want to try some fire-based attacks.

Once you clear the camp, start exploring to locate the following Area Objectives.

Where To Find The Helpless Soul

The Helpless Soul is found on the right side of Ako’s quarters.

As you can see below, the cage with the poor mutant is found by a small pond in front of a tunnel.

Biomutant Ako's Camp Helpless Soul Where To Find

After you free the little guy pictured above, decide his fate to get a Psi-Point.

Remember that the left choice increases your Dark Aura and the right choice your Light Aura, and this is one of the 23 Captives you have to save in the video game.

Where To Find The Superb Loot

The moment you free the captive in Ako’s Camp, head left to find the next two Area Objectives.

They are inside Ako’s room or quarters if you want.

Specifically, they are inside the two crates pictured below. Notice that they are glowing, and each crate contains a Superb Loot.

biomutant ako camp superb loot location - GameClubz

How To Find Ako’s Camp Skillpoint Codex

Finally, the last Area Objective here is the Skillpoint Codex.

It is the book in my screenshot below, and it’s sitting on the left side of the crates above in Ako’s quarters.

Simply interact with it to get an Upgrade Point to spend as you wish.

Biomutant Ako's Camp Skillpoint CodexWhere To Find

Once you find the Skillpoint Codex, the Biomutant Ako’s Camp Area Completed notification should appear on your screen but don’t forget to fully explore this small fort for additional goodies.

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