Biomutant Bricktown Area Objectives: Where To Find Superb Loot & Old Word Gadgets

by Vlad
June 2, 2021

Bricktown is a Biomutant landmark featured in the video game developed by Experiment 101, and it includes four Area Objectives you’ll have to discover in order to complete it.

Bricktown is located in the Whereabouts Biome, which is the first biome you’ll get to explore. It is a small deserted town with a lot of buildings.

This location is quite important because out of 4 Area Objectives, 3 of them are Old Word Gadgets, and they allow you to start a series of side-quests.

As such, in case you need help achieving the Biomutant Bricktown Area Completed objective, below we’ll discuss this specific town.

Where To Find Bricktown In Biomutant

The landmark is found on the southern side of the Whereabouts Biome.

It is located southwest of Subnautica Station and southeast of Chugyard.

On the map below, you can see the landmark’s exact location.

Bricktown Biomutant Area Objectives Locations

When you enter Bricktown, the very first thing you should do is activate the Fast Travel flag located on the eastern side of the small city.

It is quite easy to find being located above the ground in front of a tall building. On it, you should see a billboard that reads: Mowmow.

Bricktown Area Objectives Locations

Bricktown includes, as mentioned above, 4 Area Objectives you have to complete.

Hence, after you activate the flag while exploring this landmark, you have to find the following:

  • Superb Loot (1)
  • Old World Gadget (3)

Let’s cover them one by one.

Where To Find The Flush-Stool Old World Gadget

Once you get the flag, head southwest to the location you see on my map below.

Here you’ll find a restaurant with a pink and blue sign above its door.

Head inside, then check its basement for a locked door. Mash the corresponding button to force open it, and then you’ll see a Flush Stool, which is the first Bricktown World Gadget.

Complete the rotation puzzle (you can also see the solution in the third screenshot).

Where To Find The Fry-Sparker Old World Gadget

After you get the previous Area Objective, head back outside and to the top level of the city.

Now, you’ll want to find a building that features a billboard with the head of a cow above the door. It also has a sign that reads Myo.

Again you can see the exact location on the map below, and if you check the second floor, you’ll find a microwave. Solve the puzzle to get the Fry-Sparker gadget.

How To Get The Superb Loot

Awesome job! Now, after you get the second gadget while remaining inside the same building, cross the second floor and head down.

On your way out, you’ll see this vending machine on the right side.

Interact with it to get the Bricktown Superb Loot.

Biomutant Bricktown Superb Loot Location

Where To Find The Clothes-Soaker Old World Gadget

Finally, for the last Bricktown Old World Gadget, you will want to go back to the fast travel point or the yellow flag mentioned above.

While facing it, on the left side, you’ll see some stairs.

Head down, then turn left and look inside the first building to spot a lot of laundry machines (Clothes-Soakers).

Interact with the one on the left side to get the third Old World Gadget in this area.

Obviously, you’ll have to solve another rotation puzzle, and in the images below, you can see the soaker’s exact location, along with the puzzle’s solution.

After you solve the puzzle for the Clothes-Soaker, the Biomutant Bricktown Area Completed notification should appear on your screen; however, take your time with this landmark because there is more loot to be found here.

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