Biomutant Goneforevermore Area Objectives: Where To Find Green ATM & Superb Loot

by Vlad
May 29, 2021

Goneforevermore is a Biomutant landmark or location featured in the video game developed by Experiment 101, and it includes 2 Area Objectives that you must find.

Goneforevermore is found in the Whereabouts Biome, or the first biome in the video game, and it is a small graveyard, quite easy to explore.

The Biomutant Goneforevermore location is not rich in loot, but you will have to complete a side-quest here, so it’s worth paying a visit, especially if you are a completionist.

Where To Find Goneforevermore In Biomutant

Goneforevermore is located northwest of Freekfree we already covered here.

To get to this landmark, you’ll also have to cross the Leftovers 7E so make sure you find all Area Objectives outlined in this guide.

Once you do that, keep moving northwest to find the graveyard named Goneforevermore.

Goneforevermore Biomutant Area Objectives Locations

Goneforevermore Area Objectives Locations

This location includes 2 Area Objectives, as mentioned above.

After you clear the area, you have to find the following:

  • Superb Loot (1)
  • Green ATM (1)

Let’s cover them one by one, so you can complete this landmark as fast as possible.

Where To Find The Green ATM

The Green ATM is the first thing you’ll want to collect from this location because it is outside.

When you enter this location, you’ll notice that the graveyard is flooded; thus, there is a small pond in front of the crypt.

In the middle of the pond, you’ll find the Green ATM, pictured below.

Biomutant Goneforevermore Green ATM Location

Your goal is quite easy here.

Jump through it to collect the green leaves.

Now, you’ll want to deal with the skeletons that spawn nearby.

Where To Find The Goneforevermore Superb Loot

To get the Superb Loot, once you clear the area, you’ll have to open the crypt.

Simply interact with the crypt’s gate and mash the corresponding button.

Now you’ll spot a grave; however, before you open it, head left to see a chest.

It contains the Superb Loot you are looking for.

Biomutant Goneforevermore Superb Loot Location

Once you collect it, feel free to continue your exploration, or if you triggered the Graves & Bones side-quest from Klick, open the grave.

When you do that, you’ll reach an underground cave where you’ll have to defeat the Mugga Osseous boss.

This boss spawns when you dig through the mud mound looking for the Carving Bone for Klick.

Get the bone, kill the Mugga Osseous, then return to Klick.

And that’s about it! You just found all Area Objectives in Biomutant Goneforevermore, so the Area Completed notification should pop on your screen.

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