Biomutant Gumquack Hollow Area Objectives: Where To Find Ultimate Weapons, Superb Loot & Bioblob Container

by Vlad
June 2, 2021

Gumquack Hollow is a Biomutant landmark featured in the video game developed by Experiment 101, and it includes seven Area Objectives you’ll have to discover.

Biomutant Gumquack Hollow is located in the Whereabouts Biome, or the first biome you’ll get to explore, and it’s in Sector 4E.

It is an underground facility extremely rich in loot that you don’t want to miss.

This area is also related to the game’s story, and you’ll get here automatically since you’ll be asked to find several Gumquacks.

Because this is a key location in the video game, in case you need help getting the Biomutant Gumquack Hollow Area Completed objective, below, I’ll tell you where to find all important items.

Where To Find Gumquack Hollow In Biomutant

As you can see on the map below, this underground section is located just north of Sinkidink.

In fact, to get inside Gumquack Hollow, you’ll have to find Gulp in Sinkidink and get your water vehicle since you can’t swim too much.

Gumquack Hollow Biomutant Area Objectives Locations

The said vehicle is part of the storyline, and you can’t miss it.

Once you acquire the Googlide, you’ll have to use it to get to the entrance of Gumquack Hollow.

While standing on it in front of the entrance, you’ll need to lash the entrance with your rope and then pull the stones that block your way.

Remain on the Googlide and follow the tunnel to enter Gumquack Hollow.

Gumquack Hollow Area Objectives Location

After you get inside Gumquack Hollow, you’ll notice that this area is somehow linear, and there are specific steps you’ll have to follow in order to get the Gumquacks and all items.

On your way toward the Gumquacks, you also have to find the following Area Objectives:

  • Ultimate Ranged Weapon (1)
  • Ultimate Melee Weapon (1)
  • Superb Loot (1)
  • Bioblob Container (1)
  • Googlide Wrekbox (1)
  • Old World Gadget (2)

To make the whole search easier, follow the order below as you advance through the area.

How To Solve The Cable Connect Puzzle

Immediately after you enter the underground facility, deal with the tentacles that spawn nearby.

Next, jump on the yellow ladder and head right to the balcony to find the first Old World Gadget.

It is a power box you’ll have to interact with in order to stop a fan.

The said powerbox features a Cable Connect Puzzle that is quite easy to solve.

What you need to do here is to match the green line of Xs with the grey line of Xs by connecting several cables.

Here is the Gumquack Hollow Cable Connect Puzzle solution.

Biomutant Gumquack Hollow Cable Connect Puzzle Solution

After you solve this puzzle, head through the fan you just stopped, then go left.

In the next area, you’ll need to break a wall using the Klonkfist.

Now, you’ll have to follow the only possible path, and you’ll reach a rather large cave.

Jump down and deal with Huggel. He is a mini-boss quite weak to fire attacks.

Once you are done with Huggel, look around, and you’ll see a weapon locker you can’t open just yet.

While facing it, head right, and then in the next area, follow the stairs on the left side.

Where To Find The Bioblob Container

When you reach the top of the stairs, on your left side, you can see a metal door.

Open it and in front of you is the Bioblob Container pictured below.

Biomutant Gumquack Hollow Bioblob Container

How To Solve The Rotation Puzzle In Gumquack Hollow

Good job! Now look around you, and on a wall nearby, you’ll see another power box.

This is the second Old World Gadget in this area, and to collect it, you have to complete another puzzle. But this one is a Rotation Puzzle.

Again, here is the solution.

Biomutant Gumquack Hollow Cable Rotation Puzzle Solution

Where To Find The Superb Loot

Once you solve the puzzle above, ignore the weapon locker for now, and retrace your steps to the door you used to get here.

Not the one that opens by solving the puzzle.

The moment you exit, turn left to spot the cabinet pictured below.

Open it to get the Superb Loot.

Biomutant Gumquack Hollow Superb Loot Location

Where To Find The Googlide Wrekbox

Next, you’ll want to keep retracing your steps, and from the Superb Loot, you’ll have to go right around the balcony.

The moment you descend the stairs, turn left, and you’ll see a rather large box.

Jump over the water and get the Googlide Wrekbox in my screenshot.

Biomutant Gumquack Hollow Googlide Wrekbox Location

Awesome job! So now you should have only two Gumquack Hollow Area Objectives left, both of them being Ultimate Weapons.

These, however, can’t be collected without completing your quest’s objective first.

So, head to the main cave where you fought Huggel and interact with the floating ducks or Gumquacks to catch them. You’ll have to catch five of them.

How To Get The Ultimate Melee & Ranged Weapons In Gumquack Hollow

Once you deal with the floating rubber ducks, you’ll see that your objective changes, and you’ll be asked to find a Pew-Pew Locker.

In fact, this is the Ultimate Ranged Weapon which sits in the locker pictured below.

Specifically in the cave where you defeated Huggel.

Biomutant Gumquack Hollow Ultimate Ranged Weapon Location

Get this one, then head right once more and go back to the room where you found the Bioblob Container.

Or the room where you solved the Rotation Puzzle.

Here you’ll see the second yellow locker where the Ultimate Melee Weapon awaits. This one is known as the Knock Locker.

Biomutant Gumquack Hollow Ultimate Melee Weapon Location

Again, it’s worth mentioning that none of the two Gumquack Hollow yellow weapon lockers open before you get the five rubber ducks.

After you get the last weapon, the Biomutant Gumquack Hollow Area Completed notification should appear on your screen but don’t forget to fully explore this facility for additional loot.

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