Biomutant Krossway 4E Area Objectives: Where To Find The Thingamajinger Craft Camp & Old World Gadgets

by Vlad
June 3, 2021

Biomutant Krossway 4E is a landmark featured in the video game developed by Experiment 101, and it includes only 3 Area Objectives you’ll have to discover.

Krossway 4E is located in the Whereabouts Biome and it’s in Sector 4E. This landmark includes 2 houses and the Thingamajinger Craft Camp.

Although small, the Biomutant Krossway 4E location is quite important because there are 2 Old World Gadgets that allow you to complete two different side-quests.

As such, in case you need help getting the Krossway 4E Area Completed objective in Biomutant below, we’ll discuss all important items here.

Where To Find Krossway 4E In Biomutant

As you can see on the map below, this landmark is found just north of Gumquack Hollow, which we cleared here, and also east of Bangshelter 5D.

This area is not related to the game’s story, so you can travel here whenever you want.

Krossway 4E Biomutant Area Objectives Locations

Krossway 4E Area Objectives Locations

When you get to this landmark, you’ll notice that the buildings are found on top of a small hill.

As you follow the road up, you should be able to spot a rather large house on the left side of the path.

Your search begins now, and you’ll have to find the following:

  • Old World Gadget (2)
  • Thingamajinger Craft Camp (1)

Where To Find The Eye Box Old World Gadget

The very first item you should locate is the Eye Box, which is, in fact, the TV pictured below.

Biomutant Krossway 4E Eye Box Location

This Old World Gadget is found on the second floor of the large house on the left side of the road leading up the hill.

As you approach this “unusual” artifact, you’ll obviously have to solve a Rotation Puzzle that involves the TV’s antenna.

Here is the solution to the Krossway 4E TV Rotation Puzzle.

Biomutant Krossway 4E TV Rotation Puzzle Solution

After you solve the puzzle, you’ll notice that a new side-quest is unlocked, and your goal is to find 5 Eye Boxes by visiting specific locations.

Where To Find The Thingamajinger Craft Camp

Now, exit the house, and move up the hill.

On the left side, you’ll see a small camp next to a yellow flag.

Biomutant Krossway 4E Thingamajinger Craft Camp Location

When you approach this location, you’ll be in Hogga Hum; however, the Thingamajig Broker here counts as an Area Objective for both landmarks: Hogga Hum & Krossway 4E.

All you have to do is to talk to him. No need to buy stuff to make it count.

Where To Find The Fry-Sparker Old World Gadget

Finally, from the camp above, cross the street, and you’ll see a rather large blue house.

The most important item here is the second Old World Gadget which is the Fry-Sparker or the microwave below.

Biomutant Krossway 4E Fry SparkerLocation

You’ll find this one in the kitchen, obviously, and when you interact with it, you’ll be asked to solve another Rotation Puzzle.

Make sure you turn the buttons as you see in my screenshot.

Biomutant Krossway 4E Microwave Rotation Puzzle Solution

After you find this Old World Gadget and solve the corresponding puzzle, the Biomutant Krossway 4E Area Completed notification should appear on your screen but don’t forget to fully explore all buildings for more loot.

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