Biomutant Leftovers 6E Area Objectives: Where To Find The Helpless Soul, Old World Gadget & Superb Loot

by Vlad
June 5, 2021

Biomutant Leftovers 6E is a landmark featured in the video game developed by Experiment 101, located in Sector 6E of the Whereabouts Biome.

Leftovers 6E features three Area Objectives you have to find during your exploration. The first one is an Old World Gadget, the second one is a Helpless Soul, and the third one is a Superb Loot.

Again, even though it’s not directly related to the game’s story, Leftovers 6E in Biomutant is  an important location due to the two Area Objectives, both of them being required in order to finish the following side-quests:

  • Captives
  • Find The Twing-Twangs

So let’s go over this area and clear it together.

Where To Find Leftovers 6E In Biomutant

As you can see on the map below, this landmark is found in the center of Whereabouts Biome.

Specifically, you’ll find it close to the following locations:

Leftovers 6E Biomutant Area Objectives Locations

Leftovers 6E is a demolished house that humans used a long time ago.

When you get to this landmark, first, you’ll need to deal with a Guerilla Miniboss and several mobs.

Make sure you dispatch them, then you can focus on the Area Objectives.

Where To Find The Helpless Soul

The Helpless Soul, or the first Area Objective, is near the garage outside.

There is also a car inside the garage, and as you can see below, the Helpless Soul is inside a cage on the right side while facing the said vehicle.

Biomutant Leftovers 6E Helpless Soul Where To Find

After you free the little guy pictured above, decide his fate to get a Psi-Point.

Remember that the left choice increases your Dark Aura and the right choice your Light Aura.

Where To Find The Old World Gadget

Once you free the captive outside, head inside the house.

As you enter, you’ll see a workbench and a guitar next to it.

Biomutant Leftovers 6E Old World Gadget Where To Find

This is the Old World Gadget you’ll need to find at this location, and when you get close to it, you’ll automatically start a new side-quest that requires you to solve 5 Twing-Twangs.

This gadget, however, comes with another Rotation Puzzle.

How To Solve The Leftovers 6E Rotation Puzzle

The idea behind this puzzle is similar to those you already completed. Except that this time you’ll need to rotate three tuning keys.

As you can see below, the correct order is:

  • The upper key’s yellow side goes up
  • The central key’s yellow side goes down
  • The lower key’s yellow side goes up
Biomutant Leftovers 6E Rotation Puzzle How To Solve

Where To Find The Superb Loot

Now, once you complete the guitar puzzle, it’s time to look for the Superb Loot.

From your current location, go through the door nearby, and you’ll enter the kitchen.

Simply turn right to spot the glowing oven in my screenshot.

Biomutant Leftovers 6E Superb Loot Where To Find

After you find the Superb Loot inside the oven, the Biomutant Leftovers 6E Area Completed notification should appear on your screen but don’t forget to fully explore the house for additional goodies.

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