Biomutant Leftovers 7E Area Objectives: Where To Find Mump, Old World Gadget & Superb Loot

Written by Vlad Susanu
May 29, 2021

Leftovers 7E is a Biomutant landmark or location featured in the video game developed by Experiment 101, and it includes 4 Area Objectives that you must find to get Area Completed.

Leftovers 7E is located in the Whereabouts Biome, or the first biome in the video game.

This location is, in fact, an old cabin in the woods, which is pretty rich in loot. And also a bit dangerous, as you are about to see.

The Biomutant Leftovers 7E location is easy to explore, but if you visit it early, you’ll get the chance to trigger a new side-quest.

So, let’s go over this landmark and clear it.

Where To Find Leftovers 7E In Biomutant

Leftovers 7E is found northwest of Freekfree we already covered here.

On the map below, you can see its exact location in the game, which happens to be surrounded by water.

The cabin we are about to explore is in the middle of the woods.

Leftovers 7E Biomutant Area Objectives Locations

Leftovers 7E Area Objectives Locations

This location includes 4 Area Objectives, as mentioned above.

So when you explore it, you have to find the following:

  • Superb Loot (2)
  • Mump (1)
  • Old World Gadget (1)

Let’s cover them one by one, so you can complete this landmark as fast as possible.

Where To Find The Mump

The Mump is the first Area Objective you will find, simply because you don’t have to do anything since the Mump is actually a boss.

And he’ll find you really fast.

Specifically, the moment you get close to the cabin.

You can see the Grisly Mump mini-boss below, and your goal is to defeat him.

Biomutant Leftovers 7E Mump Location

If you encounter difficulties, try using some fire-based attacks on this mini-boss.

Where To Find The Leftovers 7E Old World Gadget

Now, after you defeat the boss, head inside the house to locate the Old World Gadget, which is an old safe.

Or a Stronkbox, as the narrator informs you.

You can find it in the bedroom, as you can see in my screenshot.

Biomutant Leftovers 7E Old World Gadget Location

If this is the first Biomutant Stronkbox you find, then you will automatically trigger the Find The Stronkboxes side quest.

As you can guess, your goal is to find 5 Stronkboxes by exploring specific locations.

Now, approach this one and solve the small Rotation Puzzle. Below you can see the puzzle’s solution, although it is very accessible.

Biomutant Leftovers 7E Rotation Puzzle Solution

How To Get The Leftovers 7E Superb Loot

Finally, after you get the Stronkbox above, you’ll need to locate not one, but 2 Super Loot objects.

The first one is in the room that is opposed to the kitchen.

Simply look for it in the drawer pictured below.

Biomutant Leftovers 7E Superb Loot Location

The second Superb Loot in Leftovers 7E is found in the kitchen.

As you can see below, you’ll want to open the oven to get it.

Biomutant Leftovers 7E Superb Loot Where To Find

And that’s about it! You just found all Area Objectives in Biomutant Leftovers 7E, so the Area Completed notification should pop on your screen.

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