Biomutant Silo 6D Area Objectives: Where To Find Superb Loot, Resource Totem & Underground Area

by Vlad
May 28, 2021

Silo 6D is a Biomutant landmark or location featured in the video game developed by Experiment 101, and as with most locations, it includes a series of Area Objectives you’ll have to discover in order to complete it.

Silo 6D is located in the Whereabouts Biome, which is the first biome you’ll get to explore when you start your adventure; however, the Area Objectives here can prove a bit tricky.

Especially the underground area.

As such, in case you need help achieving the Silo 6D Area Completed objective, below we’ll discuss all locations and secrets you’ll need to find in Silo 6D.

Where To Find Silo 6D In Biomutant

Silo 6D is found on the western side of Whereabouts Biome.

Specifically between Sknapptrutt Outpost and Murkadorpus Outpost.

On the map below, you can see its location. Look for it northwest of Anywhere and southeast of Knucklette and Shopperia 7D we already cleared.

Silo 6D Biomutant Area Objectives Locations

Silo 6D Area Objectives Locations

Silo 6D includes 3 Area Objectives, thus being quite poor in loot.

When exploring this landmark, you have to find the following:

  • Superb Loot (1)
  • Resource Totem (1)
  • Underground Area (1)

Let’s cover them one by one, so you can clear this landmark as fast as possible.

Where To Find The Resource Totem

The Resource Totem is the easiest to spot because it is outside. Since this landmark is also poor in enemies, you’ll most likely see it when you fight those pesky mutants.

If you have trouble finding it, check the right side of the northern gate.

Basically, it’s on the right side of the path crossing the silo’s courtyard, near a checkpoint.

Biomutant Silo 6D Resource Totem

Where To Find The Silo 6D Underground Area

As said, the Biomutant Underground Area in Silo 6D is the trickiest, especially if you approach this landmark early in the game.

As you move up the hill while facing northwest, just before entering the actual courtyard, look east, and you’ll spot a breakable wall.

You can see it below, and this is basically outside Silo’s courtyard if you think about it. Just before entering through the southern gate.

Biomutant Silo 6D Underground Area

Now, the problem with this wall is that it requires a Level 2 Klonkfist. If you try to break it, you’ll eventually trigger the Klicking With Klick side-quest.

It’s a simple fetch quest you have to complete for Klick, and in exchange, he’ll upgrade your Klonkfist to level 2.

Once you finish the said quest, return to the wall in my image, then smash it.

It’s one of the five walls you have to smash for A Smashing Success side-quest.

How To Get The Superb Loot

To get the Superb Loot at this location, you’ll need to destroy the wall above because the loot is found in the room behind it.

So, it’s under the actual Silo.

After you break the wall, enter the underground section, then check the room on the right side.

Notice the locker in my screenshot.

Biomutant Silo 6D Superb Loot Where To Find

Inside you’ll find the Superb Loot; however, don’t leave this location without fully exploring it for more useful items.

Awesome job! You just found all Area Objectives in Biomutant Silo 6D, so the Area Completed notification should pop up on your screen.

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