Call Of Duty Modern Warfare II 2022: All 3 Safe Locations And Codes

October 27, 2022

Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 2 2022 campaign features 3 hidden Safes, and if you open all of them, you unlock the Gentleman Thief trophy/achievement.

You can also get useful items from the Safes that will help you complete the two missions where you can find the three locked boxes.

The problem is that the Safes are well hidden and require codes if you want to open them.

So, if you don’t want to miss any Safe and be forced to replay the mission, make sure you check the following guide.

El Sin Nombre Safe: In A Closet

The first COD MW 2 2022 Safe can be obtained in the eleventh mission, named El Sin Nombre.

Upon starting the mission, you must pass the interrogation part and follow Diego, the bald enemy NPC leading you to an elevator.

Then, immediately after you gain control and can move, go forward, remaining outside the mansion.

Eventually, you’ll reach a cooking area with a barbecue and an open gate on the left side.

Go through the gate and proceed forward until you reach a dead end.

However, if you look on the left side, you’ll see a small balcony you must climb on.

From the small balcony, you can reach the second floor by going up the stairs but proceed with caution because if you are seen in this area, you will be attacked.

Once you are upstairs, go through the first entrance to the left, and you’ll find yourself in a room with a pool table.

Then go forward and slightly to the right to reach a big balcony area with a guard.

Take out the guard without getting spotted, turn right and go all the way to the back of the corridor, but be careful because there are more guards you should avoid.

You should find a door leading to Diego’s room to the left, near a bench, and an elevator to the right.

Enter Diego’s room, where you can relax and move freely because there are no guards here.

Now, go toward the balcony at the back of the room and look for the painting on the left wall that says: LAZAR SALGADO 02/02/2019. Memorize the date on the painting because it’s the code for the El Sin Nombre Safe.

Proceed toward the balcony again, and you’ll find a bed on the right side.

On the right side of the bed, you can see a closet that has a small table with bottles in front of it.

Open the closet to find the first Call Of Duty MW II 2022 Safe, which you can open by entering the code: 020219.

COD MW 2 2022 El Sin Nombre Safe

You have a Plate Carrier and a Lockwood 300 shotgun inside the Safe, which will prove handy to complete the rest of the mission.

Alone Safe 1: Next To A Desk

The other 2 Safes in the campaign of the video game developed by Infinity Ward are in Alone, the thirteenth mission.

In this mission, you are playing as Soap, who is wounded and must find his way to Ghost.

Make your way forward as you start the mission and stop at the first street going left, where you should see Shadow Company troops near a car.

Wait for the troops to leave and enter the building with the open door in front of the car.

Then go to the back of the room, enter through the door to the left, get the binding from the feet of the dead body and grab the metal from the fan near the window.

Now press the Up Arrow on the D-pad of your controller to open your backpack and craft a Pry Tool.

Return to the previous room, face the exit out of the house, and open the door to the left with the Pry Tool.

Proceed forward and enter the bathroom through the door near the plant pot.

Pick up the metal under the sink, then go back to the previous room and slowly open the door to the right (near the piano) because there are enemy troops in the next chamber.

Wait for Grave’s men to get out of the house, then enter the kitchen through the door next to the piano and go up the stairs to the right, parallel to the exit from the house.

Once upstairs, go to the right until you reach a man dying in front of you near a knocked lamp, and go to the right where you can see a lantern on the ground.

Pick the lantern up and note that you can turn it on and off by pressing the Down Arrow on the D-pad of your controller.

Next to the lantern is a brown couch with a binding on it you should pick up. Open your backpack again and make another Pry Tool.

Now go back to the dead body near the knocked lamp, proceed through the dark corridor to the right and open the small blue cabinet on the left to get another binding.

Go toward the spot where the lantern was, and just before, enter the bathroom through the door to the right.

Get out of the bathroom through the other door and try not to get too scared of the dog barking at you.

However, your friends downstairs heard the dog, so pick up the pace and jump out off the balcony at the end of the room.

Then head on the left street, go up the stairs, and proceed forward until you reach some enemies.

Wait until only one soldier remains, jump down, and go to the big fountain.

Pick up the bottle on the fountain, toss it on the left side so that the soldier goes there, and enter the blue building that says la dulce above the entrance.

There is some wax on the left counter and a bottle on the table in front that you should pick up, then get out of the building through the other door.

Proceed forward to the soldier and throw a bottle to distract him so you can enter the building to the right through the open door with clothes on it.

Once in the building, go into the dark room, turn your lantern on so you can actually see, and enter the next room through the brown door to the left.

Proceed forward until you reach a dead soldier with a knife stuck in his throat.

Grab the knife because, as you can guess, it will prove very useful.

It’s time to surprise one of the soldiers and take him out from the back with your new knife, then pick up his gun.

Now that you have a gun, you can deal with the remaining guards in this area but be careful not to die in the process.

If you explore all the buildings carefully, you should also be able to craft some explosives and smoke bombs to help you get rid of the enemies easier.

To get to the next area, go straight from the fountain to the street near the blue building with the la dulce sign above its entrance.

You can also press the objectives button to find out where you have to go precisely.

You’ll reach a balcony you have to jump from to the streets full of water under it.

Then head to the right until you reach a green door you should carefully open because there is a shotgun trap on the other side.

Grab the shotgun, go upstairs and explore the rooms to pick up all the useful items.

You’ll soon open a door and see another man die in front of you; he has a blue cap.

There is nothing you can do for him, so proceed forward until you reach a broken wood railing through which you can jump downstairs but don’t, for now.

Instead, turn your lantern on and carefully explore the room to the right to find some metal and binding.

Then craft yet another Pry Tool that you must use to open the locked door on the other side of the hallway with the broken railing. The door is left of a window with a small table under it.

Behind the door, you’ll find a desk, and next to it, Safe 1 from the Alone mission of Call Of Duty MW 2 2022.

COD MW 2 2022 Alone FIrst Safe

The code to the Safe is 101080, and you’ll find the following inside:

  • .50 GS gun
  • Throwing Knife

Alone Safe 2: In A Mechanic Shop

Upon opening the previous Safe, jump downstairs through the broken railing and head left.

Proceed with extra caution because there are a lot of troops outside waiting to kill you.

Eventually, you can get out of the building and enter a mechanic shop through a door that has written EL MAISTRO above it.

In the second room of the mechanic shop, you can find a laptop on a small table near a suspended car.

There are several codes on the laptop screen, but you should memorize the following: 376080.

Then turn around and enter through the opened door to the left to find Alone Safe 2 in one of the corners of this small room.

COD MW 2 2022 Alone Second Safe

Enter the code 376080 to open the Safe and find a Crossbow, meaning you can now focus on completing the rest of the mission.

Well done, friend! You’ve located and opened all three Call Of Duty Modern Warfare II 2022 Safes, unlocking the Gentleman Thief trophy/achievement.

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