Destroy All Humans 2 Reprobed La Femme Natalya Guide

Written by Alexandru Popescu
Edited by Vlad Susanu
August 26, 2022

Destroy All Humans 2 Reprobed La Femme Natalya is trickier than Revelations, the previous mission we covered for the Albion area.

To be fair, even though the harder one is the main mission, the rewards are almost the same.

So, you’ll get a total of 11 Furotech Cells for 100% completion of the main mission; 100% means you must not neglect the three optional objectives:

  • Do not get reported
  • Use the Anal Probe to cleanse mutants
  • Kill all mutants

The mission in the video game developed by Black Forest Games can definitely cause you trouble, especially with the optional objectives.

Therefore, in the following guide, you have instructions along with some screenshots that will help you complete all the mission’s objectives.

Where To Find La Femme Natalya

La Femme Natalya is the second main mission available in the Albion area, meaning that to unlock it, you must first play the first one, named No Pox Please – We’re British (covered in this guide).

To start the mission, you have to talk to Ponsonby, who is waiting outside a suit store near the eastern landing zone.

Check out the Albion map below, where I’ve indicated Ponsonby’s exact location.

Destroy All Humans 2 Reprobed La Femme Natalya Map

How To Reach And Infiltrate The Russian Art Exhibit

After talking to Ponsonby, you find out that you must infiltrate the Russian art exhibit to unveil the Soviets’ intentions.

So disguise yourself using bodysnatch on a human by spamming the Y button (Xbox) while aiming at your victim.

Then infiltrate the Russian art exhibit, located not too far west of where you talked to Ponsonby.

If you have problems finding the gallery, follow the yellow hexagon as you usually do in Destroy All Humans 2 2022 when you need assistance.

How To Not Get Reported

Once at the art exhibit, you have to be careful not to be reported so that you complete the first optional objective.

You have to do normal human things not to attract attention, meaning no Anal Probe or other weird weapons; just mingle with the crowd and keep it cool until you get further instructions.

Things are about to get tricky because you’ll have to complete two main objectives while trying not to get reported.

How To Evacuate The VIPs From The Exhibition

Ponsonby thinks that the people at the gallery are in danger and asks you to evacuate the VIPs as a first precaution.

The VIPs are marked with yellow hexagons, and you’ll have to evacuate them one at a time.

Choose one of the VIPs and press the Right Arrow button on your D-pad while aiming at him.

Then the VIP should now follow you, and you have to lead him out of the gallery to the yellow highlighted area across the road to the north. The drop-off zone is also marked on your map and radar.

Once you dealt with the first VIP, repeat the process with the other, all that while trying not to get reported, remember?

Also, check if the VIP is following you from time to time and, if not, use the ability on him again.

Now that you got the VIPs to safety and since nobody cares about the regular people apparently, let’s see what’s next in La Femme Natalya.

How To Break The Doll To Look Inside

The next mission task is to check the three big Matryoshka dolls for bombs.

Destroy All Humans 2 Reprobed La Femme Natalya Guide

Follow the yellow hexagon if you can’t find the Russian dolls.

Once you reach a doll, look at it and hold the X button to open it up.

Don’t forget you still have to avoid getting reported. That is if you want to complete the first optional objective.

After reaching the third doll, take a breather and enjoy the cutscene. Also, the optional objective is now done.

How To Use The Anal Probe To Cleanse Mutants

The next step is to stop the spores that are turning humans into mutants.

To do that, switch to the Anal Probe weapon by holding LB and selecting it from the list.

Then use Anal Probe on the mutants to get the spores out and shoot them with the Disintegrator Ray, preferably.

Destroy All Humans 2 Reprobed La Femme Natalya Walkthrough

Upon using Anal Probe on a mutant, you also complete the second optional objective in La Femme Natalya.

There is a total of three spores you have to destroy to move on.

How To Kill All Mutants And Destroy The Spores

No time for a break because there seem to be more of those Russian dolls in Hyde Park, so go there to stop the spread of the parasite.

The park is a small distance west of the Russian gallery and is marked with a yellow hexagon.

Once in the park, you must fight spores, mutants, and KGB agents, so be at your best.

Before you take care of the dolls and destroy all the spores, you need to kill the mutants marked with white rhombuses to complete the last optional objective.

Don’t forget to use the Anal Probe on mutants and the Disintegrator Ray on spores to make your life easier.

Also, I suggest your leave one of the dolls intact until you kill all the mutants for the optional objective.

And that’s all, Furon! You stopped the spread and fully completed the La Femme Natalya mission in Destroy All Humans 2 2022. Now take on an easier task by completing one of the side missions you’ve just unlocked, like Crypto Hired Gun Plugging Terry Squire, covered in this guide.

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