Evil West From Dusk Till Dawn Collectibles Locations Guide

November 24, 2022

The From Dusk Till Dawn Mission in Evil West features only 7 collectibles for you to find, a lot less than in the previous Chapter, named The First Spark (discussed here).

Also, all seven collectibles are Cash, so if you want to afford upgrades, I suggest you not miss a single one.

In From Dusk Till Dawn, you’ll have to hold your ground against many enemies, including a boss. You have to survive until dawn, as the Mission name hints.

Chapter 4 takes place in a relatively small area, but you can still easily miss the collectibles if you don’t explore carefully.

Therefore, in our following guide, we will explain how to get every single collectible available in From Dusk Till Dawn.

Cash #1 (88 Bucks): On A Man Hanged By A Big Tree

I recommend you go for the first collectible after clearing the first mobs you encounter in the starting area of Evil West Mission 4.

When you’re done, look for the big tree next to the fence and the carriage.

Then look up to see a man hanged by the said tree, as shown in the next image.

Evil West From Dusk Till Dawn Cash Location

Shoot the rope to drop the body along with the first Cash bag.

Cash #2 (237 Bucks): Behind The TNT Crates

Now vault over the highlighted spot of the fence to the right (facing the big tree from before) next to a caravan.

Then blow up the TNT crates on the right to reveal a chest containing 237 bucks.

Evil West From Dusk Till Dawn Cash Collectible Location

Cash #3 (81 Bucks): In A Glowing Crate

For the next From Dusk Till Dawn collectible, you have to go back to the main path and pass through the wooden gate.

After you pick up the Overhealth container near the gate, which boosts your health (and believe me, you’ll make use of it shortly), go forward a few meters, then turn to your right to see some crates.

Behind these crates is a smaller glowing one that contains 81 bucks.

Evil West From Dusk Till Dawn Cash Glowing Crate Location

Cash #4 (77 Bucks): On A Man Hanged Above The Railway

Now you must continue with Mission 4 and enter this arena-type area where you have to fight many mobs followed by a boss enemy.

After you defeat the boss (the big enemy with the shield), look for another highlighted spot you can vault over, near another caravan by the railway.

Look up to see another hanged man above the railway.

Evil West From Dusk Till Dawn Cash Bag Location

You have to shoot the rope and get Cash #4.

Cash #5 (95 Bucks): In A Glowing Crate Near Some Bags

It’s time to regroup with your party on the high ground, after which you must watch a short cutscene.

When the cutscene ends, you’ll see a glowing crate near some bags on the left side.

Evil West From Dusk Till Dawn Cash Collectible Glowing Crate Location

Destroy the glowing crate to reveal Evil West Chapter 4 Cash #5.

Cash #6 (67 Bucks): In Front Of A Wooden Door

Right in front of Cash #5, you can see another hanged man.

Evil West From Dusk Till Dawn Bucks Bag Location

Shoot the hanged man’s rope to make the next collectible drop in front of a wooden door near some barrels.

Cash #7 (202 Bucks): In A Hidden Storage Under The Ramp

Now turn around from the previous Cash bag and look for a highlighted chain on some wooden boards under the ramp you’ll use to go even higher trying to escape your enemies.

Evil West From Dusk Till Dawn Cash Chest Location

Punch your way through the wooden boards to reach a hidden storage under the ramp, where you’ll find a chest containing 225 bucks.

And that’s about it! You’ve found all 7 Evil West From Dusk Till Dawn Collectibles. If you want to keep going, you can now jump into Chapter 5, named The Devil’s Pass, and grab the collectibles there as well with help from this guide.

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