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November 22, 2022

Evil West The Questionable Cargo Collectibles are required for 100% completion in the first Mission of the video game.

In Questionable Cargo, you have to investigate a suspicious train as Jesse Rentier, accompanied by Edgar Gravenor.

In this Mission, you can find the following collectibles:

  • 2 Lore
  • 9 Cash

The Cash will be necessary later for upgrades, and considering that some collectibles can be easily missed if you don’t look around carefully, you should check the guide below to achieve a 100% Questionable Cargo completion.

Cash #1 (66 Bucks): At The Base Of A Wall

Upon starting the first Mission in Evil West, you’ll shortly reach a point where you have to drop down with the help of a chain using an interaction for the first time by pressing A on your Xbox controller (also explained in the top left corner of your screen when you reach the spot).

Once down, turn around to see the bag of cash at the base of the wall, as shown in the following image.

Evil West Questionable Cargo Cash Location

Cash #2 (181 Bucks): Next To A Big Rock

For the second Questionable Cargo collectible, you’ll have to proceed forward until you reach a couple of crashed wagons and a couple of mobs (the part with the Dodge and Roll tutorial).

Clear the enemies and vault over the highlighted obstacle near the railway on the left of where you came from to this area.

You should now see a red chest next to a big rock, and if you smash it, you’ll get 181 Bucks.

Evil West Questionable Cargo Cash Chest L:ocation

Cash #3 (21 Bucks): Near A Corpse

Upon obtaining the previous collectible in the first Chapter, follow the railway in the opposite direction from the cash chest, and you should see a wagon you can get into using the highlighted chains.

However, before entering the crashed wagon, head to your right through the opening to find another bag with bucks near a corpse and some rocks.

Evil West Questionable Cargo Cash Collectible Location

Lore #1 (Fragment Of Inventory): On A Coffin

Now enter the wagon mentioned earlier, and you’ll find a Lore collectible in the middle, on the left side, on a coffin.

It’s quite dark in the wagon, so be careful not to miss the Lore, which looks like three documents, like in the next screenshot.

Evil West Questionable Cargo Lore Location

Cash #4 (41 Bucks): On A Crate

After you get the previous Questionable Cargo Lore, climb off the wagon and proceed on the main path.

You’ll soon reach the entrance of a tunnel with a cash bag on a crate to the left.

Evil West Questionable Cargo Cash Bag Location

Cash #5 (47 Bucks): On The Wooden Bridge

Make your way through the mentioned tunnel and deal with the enemies inside.

Then you’ll reach an outside area where you’ll learn how to use Uppercut in Evil West and can practice it on a couple of enemies.

Once you’re done smashing heads, jump on the wooden bridge and turn right to see yet another bucks bag.

Evil West Questionable Cargo Bucks Bag Location

Cash #6 (56 Bucks): On A Box

For the next Chapter 1 collectible, you’ll have to continue through the Mission until you reach a Jenu Giant, an oversized enemy with a big nail in his head.

Deal with the large mob, vault over the highlighted obstacle, and immediately turn to your right to see the cash bag on a box.

Evil West Questionable Cargo Cash Bag Collectible Location

Cash #7 (23 Bucks): In A Wagon

You’ll soon reach an area where you have to fight plenty of enemies with the help of Edgar.

After you’ve cleared the area, hop on the wagon with the highlighted chain and cross the wooden boards to reach another wagon to the left.

Drop through the hole in the wagon to find the Questionable Cargo bucks bag.

Evil West Questionable Cargo Bucks Bag Collectible Location

Lore #2 (Chester Morgan’s Letter): On A Coffin Next To A Corpse

The next collectible is another Lore, and you’ll find it in the area where you are taught how to sprint in Evil West.

When you see the sprint hint in the top left corner, go to the second burning wagon on the right side to find the Lore on a coffin next to a corpse.

Evil West Questionable Cargo Lore Collectible Location

Cash #8 (52 Bucks): In A Glowing Crate

For another Mission 1 Cash, you first have to pass the area where you learn how to use your Rentier Revolver.

Then, in the next area, you’ll find yourself on a big rock in the middle of the river, and you’ll have to position yourself near the highlighted chain on the small pole to interact with the coffins in the crashed wagon to the right.

Doing so will create a coffin bridge for you to cross the river.

Shortly after, you’ll reach a highlighted chain ladder, right after you learn to combo your Uppercut and Revolver.

Climb the ladder and go forward a few meters to see a glowing crate.

Evil West Questionable Cargo Cash Glowing Crate Location

Destroy the crate to find Questionable Cargo Cash #8 and get 52 Bucks.

Cash #9 (60 Bucks): Next To Some Coffins

For the last Chapter 1 cash bag, you have to go through the small opening on the right from where you got the previous collectible.

Then, you’ll soon see some coffins near a tree and next to them on the right, Cash #9.

Evil West Questionable Cargo Cash Bag Where To Find

And that’s all, Jesse! You’ve obtained all 11 Evil West Questionable Cargo Collectibles.

You can now focus on the ones in the next Mission, named The Raid (discussed here).

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