Evil West The Raid Collectibles Locations Guide

November 23, 2022

The Raid is the second Mission in Evil West, and it features 16 Collectibles you should obtain if you want to have an easier time beating the game.

Here is a list of the collectibles available in Chapter 2:

  • 4 Lore
  • 1 Chest
  • 11 Cash

Of course, to unlock the Raid Mission, you must complete the previous Chapter, named The Questionable Cargo (check this guide for the collectibles).

Keep in mind that some of the collectibles in Mission 2 are not on the main path and can be easily missed if you don’t pay attention to your surroundings.

Therefore, if you want to easily find all 16 collectibles in your first playthrough of the Raid Mission, consider checking our following guide.

Cash #1 (29 Bucks): On Some Hay

As you start the second Evil West Mission, you have to head forward for a couple of meters and then cross a wooden bridge.

You can see a glowing crate on some hay on the other side of the bridge, to the right.

Evil West Raid Cash Glowing Crate Location

Destroy the crate to obtain Cash #1.

Cash #2 (30 Bucks): On A Cabinet

The second collectible can be found after dealing with a couple of Gunslingers.

Here, you can use your Rifle for the first time, so have fun.

Then go to the highlighted locked door, break it with a punch and look for the cash bag on a cabinet to the right.

Evil West Raid Cash Location

Chest #1 (77 Bucks & Ghost Scarf Skin): Near The Front Wall

Upon obtaining the previous Raid collectible, you should make your way to the room on the opposite side.

You’ll find a chest near the front wall inside this room. The trunk is hard to miss because it is quite big, and it says JACK & LUCK on it.

Evil West Raid Chest Location

Lore #1 (Familiar Tattoo Project): On A Barrel

Now exit the building from where you got the previous two collectibles and enter the building to the left by vaulting over the highlighted opening.

Then look for Lore #1 on a barrel on the right side of the building.

Evil West Raid Lore Location

Cash #3 (154 Bucks): Behind A Broken Cart

Make your way to the second level of the building with Lore #1 and drop down through the opening in the attic.

You have to turn right and go to the back of the building you jumped from to find another Evil West Raid Cash behind a broken cart, as shown in the next image.

Evil West Raid Cash Chest Location

Smash the chest to get 154 bucks.

Cash #4 (30 Bucks): Up On The Hanged Man

Go toward the main path from the mentioned broken cart and look up to spot a hanged man.

Shoot the rope holding the lifeless body to drop it down along with another bucks bag.

Evil West Raid Cash Bag Location

Cash #5 (36 Bucks): On The Other Side Of A Gap

For Cash #5, head toward the church on the main path, and you should see a highlighted chain on a small pole on the left side.

Get near the small pole because you can use an Interaction here to get on the other side of the gap by pressing A on your Xbox controller.

Now you should see another glowing crate which you can destroy to get 36 Bucks.

Evil West Raid Cash Collectible Glowing Crate Location

Cash #6 (20 Bucks): Inside A Shed

Now shoot your gun at the TNT crates near the blocked passage to the right of the church.

Then proceed, and a cutscene will begin, after which you’ll have to fight a bunch of enemies.

After you show those Sharpshooters and Gunslingers how tough you are, go to the shed on the left side.

Inside you’ll find another The Raid cash bag containing 20 bucks.

Evil West Raid Cash Collectible Location

Cash #7 (23 Bucks): On A Small Table

The next bucks bag in Chapter 2 can be found in the house from where those annoying Sharpshooters were shooting at you.

So punch the highlighted locked door standing in your way and go inside.

Then head to the side room on your left, where you’ll find Cash #7 on a small table in the left corner, near the shelves.

Evil West Raid Bucks Bag Location

Cash #8 (51 Bucks): Behind Three Mine Carts Turned Over

For The Raid Cash #8 in Evil West, you’ll first have to blow up the TNT crates on the right after you enter the mine (at the first fork on the path).

After that, go forward until you reach three mine carts turned over.

Behind the carts, you have to smash the glowing crate to get 51 Bucks.

Evil West Raid Glowing Crate Cash Collectible Location

Cash #9 (56 Bucks): On A Box

Now get back to the fork on the path (mentioned before), and this time, go to the left.

You’ll soon see more dynamite you must blow up to clear the way.

Then follow the railway, and you’ll reach more mine carts.

On the right side of the carts lays Cash #9 on a box.

Evil West Raid Cash Bag Collectible Location

Lore #2 (Peter D’Abano’s Notes 1/3): On A Crashed Pillar

To continue with the next collectible, you’ll have to reach the part where you see an upside-down pyramid on the far right.

Then you should soon find a rather big pillar collapsed on the ground, where the main path takes you right, but for Lore #2, you must go left.

So, you’ll see the collectible on the collapsed pillar’s left side, like in the next screenshot.

Evil West Raid Lore Collectible Location

Cash #10 (159 Bucks): In A Chest Next To A Barrel

Upon obtaining Raid Lore #2, turn to your left and blow up the TNT crates.

Then go through the newly made opening, and you’ll find a chest containing 159 Bucks next to a barrel.

Evil West Raid Cash Collectible Chest Location

Cash #11 (205 Bucks): Next To Some Bags

Now go back to the main path and drop down, where you’ll find more of your ugly friends who insist on killing you.

After clearing the mobs, go to the edge (hope you are not afraid of heights) and hug the left wall, which has one of those highlighted chains.

Evil West The Raid Cash Chest Location

Next to some bags on the other side is a chest containing 205 Bucks.

Lore #3 (Peter D’Abano’s Notes 2/3): Next To A Corpse

Lore #3 is behind the closed gate (which is pretty close on the main path) with a wheel crank on its left side.

However, to open the gate, you also require a second wheel crank that you can find by turning around from the gate and walking along the right edge until you reach a highlighted chain.

Drop down and go turn the second wheel crank.

Then look up toward the gate and shoot at the target to reposition the wooden beam.

You can use the wooden beam to get back to the gate that is now open.

Immediately on the left behind the gate, you’ll find Evil West The Raid Lore #3 next to a corpse.

Evil West Raid Lore Where To Find

Lore #4 (Peter D’Abano’s Notes 3/3): On A Bathtub Filled With Blood

For the last collectible, you have to reach an area you enter by crouching through a small opening.

In this area, you have to fight a couple of Screeching Devils (flying monsters) and Jenu Giants (large mobs).

Then open the gate by shooting the huge locks above you and go through.

Continue until you see that the path splits in two.

On the right side, where you have to vault over the highlighted obstacle, is the main path, and on the left side, on a sort of bathtub filled with blood, is Lore #4.

Evil West Raid Lore Collectible Where To Find

Congratulations, Jesse! All 16 Evil West Raid collectibles are yours, so you can now focus on the next Chapter, The First Spark (discussed here).

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