Forspoken: How To Set Up Camp

January 26, 2023

Forspoken Camps are crucial if you want to explore the beautiful but cruel land of Athia uninterrupted in the videogame published by Square Enix.

Upon setting up a Camp, you can craft or rest, which can be very useful, especially if you run out of Healing Draught (your main healing option).

And for the first Camp, you’ll make, you’ll unlock the Outdoorsperson Trophy as well.

There is a setting up Camp tutorial in Forspoken, but there is a big chance you’ll miss it.

Therefore, it would be best to check the following guide and learn exactly what you need to do to make your own Forspoken Camp.

How To Set Up Camp In Forspoken

Camps can only be set up after you find some firewood, which is a resource that can be found randomly all over Athia.

Keep your eyes on the ground to spot the firewood. The resource looks like pieces of wood tied together, just like in the image below.

Forspoken How To Find Firewood

It’s worth mentioning that firewood can be spotted from a distance by scanning the area with Cuff (press the Up arrow on the D-pad of your controller), as you can do with all the resources, for that matter.

Also, you can’t carry more than three pieces of firewood at a time, but this shouldn’t be a problem because you need only one of these resources to make a Camp.

Now that you’ve learned where to find firewood in Forspoken, you can search for an area without enemies and hold the Down arrow also on the D-pad of your controller.

Forspoken How To Set Up Camp

It’s really important not to have enemies around you; otherwise, you’ll get attacked while resting.

Once you’ve started the fire, you can finally craft or rest.

Forspoken Setting Up Camp

You can now craft some Healing Draught, and if you rest, you regain your health.

Both options are helpful before a big fight, or you would have to fast travel to a Refuge and waste a lot of time.

Of course, you can also craft upgrades by the fire if you want to.

Finally, when you are ready to go, all you have to do is press the Leave button, like in the screenshot above.

That’s it, friend! You’ve learned how to set up a Forspoken Campfire; you can now look for some firewood and try it for yourself.

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