NieR Replicant Boar Hunt Quest: Where To Find The Northern Plains Wild Boar

by Vlad
April 23, 2021

NieR Replicant Boar Hunt is a side-quest in which you are asked to hunt a Wild Boar that is terrorizing the people in the Northern Plains area.

Just like Book Smarts, it is one of the first NieR Replicant ver.1.22474487139 side-quests you can complete, and if you manage to do so, you’ll get a very handy reward that will help you travel faster in the video game published by Square Enix.

NieR Replicant 2021 Boar Hunt side-quest is pretty short, even though the beast you’re about to face won’t go down that easily; however, in the walkthrough below, I’ll tell you where to find the Wild Boar and also how to kill it.

NieR Replicant Boar Hunt Quest Walkthrough

The Boar Hunt quest becomes available after you find Grimoire Weiss and Yonah in the Lost Shrine.

Once you do that, return to your Village, then talk to Popola and Devola. Next, you’ll be asked to travel to The Aerie.

Before doing this, however, start the Boar Hunt quest since the quests in the game have a time frame. This means that if you rush through the story, some side-quests can be missed, and you won’t be able to play them after certain points.

So, after you find Yonah go to the Shopping District in your village and look for the old man below.

You’ll find him on the left side as you enter the said district, on a bench.

Nier Replicant Boar Hunt Walkthrough
Talk to the Old Man to start the Boar Hunt quest

Talk to the NPC, and he’ll tell you about the Wild Boar in the Northern Plains.

Your goal obviously is to kill the beast.

Where To Find The Wild Boar In Northern Plains

Once you trigger the quest, cross the field in front of the Shopping District and head towards the large stone gate.

Go through the gate, and you’ll enter the Northern Plains.

Now, you should see a lot of sheep and, in the distance, a wooden bridge that was repaired.

Cross the said bridge and slightly head right to find the Wild Boar. You can see it below.

Nier Replicant Wild Boar Location
The Northern Plains Wild Boar is…big!

Notice that the beast is quite big and black; thus, it’s impossible to miss.

How To Kill The Wild Boar

The Wild Boar in NieR Replicant is anything but a weak opponent, and that’s because the beast has a charging attack that will drain almost all of your hero’s health.

Evading that attack is mandatory, as you can guess; however, you should also know that using Magic attacks is not the best way to approach the boar.

Thus, you are somehow forced to use melee attacks.

A great method to deal with the Wild Boar is to face him head-on (literally) and keep mashing the attack button while pushing the thumbstick forward.

The moment you see the beast getting ready to charge, move away, then repeat.

Placing yourself behind the Wild Boar is also an alternative that works pretty well, especially on the highest difficulty.

After you deal with the animal, you will receive a Boar Tusk, but you may also want to loot the carcass to get some Boar Meat.

Now, with the Boar Tusk in hand, return to the old man (same spot in the Village) to get your rewards.

For completing the NieR Replicant Remaster Boar Hunt quest, you’ll receive 1000 Gold; however, the real prize here is your ability to ride boars.

Or to mount them if you want, and you can try this right away by exiting to the Northern Plains. When you do that, you’ll see a Wild Boar near the gate, and you can mount it.

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