NieR Replicant Fragile Delivery 3: How To Deliver The Facade Parcel

by Vlad
April 28, 2021

NieR Replicant Fragile Delivery 3 is the third delivery quest you have to complete while playing the video game published by Square Enix after you reach Facade.

NieR Replicant Remaster Fragile Delivery 3 is, just like Fragile Delivery 2, a Part One side quest, and it follows the same structure as the previous ones.

Or, simply put, you’ll have to carry a fragile parcel from the quest giver to a specific location.

The only difference this time is that the parcel must reach Facade’s weapon shop, and this time things can get pretty messy.

As usual, first, let’s see how to start the NieR Replicant 2021 Fragile Delivery 3, then I’ll tell you how to deliver the Facade Parcel in one piece.

When Should I Start NieR Replicant Fragile Delivery 3?

You can start the Fragile Delivery 3 in NieR Replicant after you return from Facade.

This means that you’ll need to focus on the story and save the Prince of Facade.

Obviously, since this is the third part of a chain of side-quests, you’ll also want to complete the previous two, meaning Fragile Delivery 1 and Fragile Delivery 2.

After you finish the second part and rescue the Prince of Facade, head to your Village and check the large gate towards Eastern Road.

On the left side, you’ll see the guard pictured below.

Nier Replicant Fragile Delivery 3 Quest Walkthrough
The guard near the Eastern Road gate wants you to deliver the Parcel for Facade

Talk to him and get the Parcel for Facade.

Where To Find Facade’s Weapon Shop To Deliver The Parcel?

As you know from the previous quests, in order to complete the NieR Replicant Fragile Delivery 3 side quest, your goal is to take the parcel to the destination without breaking it.

To do this, you are not allowed to take damage or dodge. Simple as that.

However, this time you’ll need to be extra careful because first, you need to avoid the goats on the Eastern Road.

This is achieved simply by using your magic attacks while maintaining a safe distance.

Secondly, you’ll want to be extra careful when you enter the Desert because there are a lot of wolves roaming around.

The best strategy here is to avoid them, and you can do that by using the Boar Mount because of its charging attack; or just by moving around them.

The idea here is to not engage in combat because wolves attack in packs, and they have a leaping attack that will eventually knock you down.

Obviously, you can also simply start running toward Facade and hope for the best since Kaine will slow down and attack the wolves.

Now, assuming you reached Facade one way or another, you’ll need to find the Facade’s Weapon Shop.

If you encounter difficulties when moving around because you don’t have the Facade Map, stop by the vendor near the stairs close to the entrance and get the Facade Town Map from him.

Finally, head to the masked guard near the stairs (the one by the wooden dock), and ask him to take you to the Weapon Shop (pictured below) by boat.

Deliver the Parcel for Facade to the Blacksmith, then head all the way back to the guard in your village.

Nier Replicant Parcel For Facade Weapon Shop Location
This is Facade’s Weapon Shop

It is a long and quite boring walk, but it’s worth taking because you will receive 2900 Gold when you return.

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