NieR Replicant Fragile Delivery Quest: How To Deliver The Aerie Parcel

by Vlad
April 24, 2021

NieR Replicant Fragile Delivery is one of the trickiest quests you have to complete while playing the video game published by Square Enix because even if it’s quite straightforward; for this quest, you are asked to deliver a parcel to the gold house in The Aerie without breaking it.

NieR Replicant Remaster Fragile Delivery is also one of the quests you can finish in Part One, and it allows you to unlock another quest which is simply called Fragile Delivery 2.

So, first, let’s see how to start the NieR Replicant 2021 Fragile Delivery, and then I’ll tell you how to safely deliver the parcel to The Aerie.

NieR Replicant Fragile Delivery Quest Walkthrough

The Fragile Delivery quest becomes available quite early in the game. Specifically, the moment you find Grimoire Weiss and Yonah in the Lost Shrine.

However, you may want to postpone it a bit because you’ll need some help.

Obviously, you are free to try it the moment it becomes available, and if you want to do that, all you need to do is to locate the guard on the left side of the large gate leading to the Northern Plains.

You can see him in my image below, and on the right side, you can see the guard who allows you to start The Gatekeeper’s Errand quest.

Nier Replicant Fragile Delivery Quest Guide
Talk to the guard on the left to start the quest

When you talk to the guard, he’ll give you a Parcel for The Aerie. He also tells you that it is fragile and you are not allowed to break it.

If you wonder how you can break the parcel, the answer is simple. By taking damage or by dodging.

So no sudden moves here. That’s why this quest is a bit different.

If you still want to give it a try, exit to Northern Plains, then head southwest, and you’ll find a tunnel.

On the other side is The Aerie and the Gold House is the one on the second floor.

You’ll need to cross the first bridge, then climb a ladder, then cross another bridge to find it.

But the problem is that you’ll encounter some Shades, and they will attack; thus forcing you to dodge, or you’ll most likely take damage. Hence you’ll break the parcel and fail the quest.

How To Safely Carry The Parcel For Fragile Delivery

Assuming you want to do this the proper way and claim the reward, the first thing you’ll have to focus on is the Northern Plains Wild Boar.

Killing the beast will unlock your hero’s ability to ride, so finish the Boar Hunt quest, and the moment you enter Northern Plains, call your mount.

While riding it, you’ll be able to cross the Northern Plains in seconds, and the boar’s charge attacks will put all Shades to the ground almost instantly.

Just make sure you don’t hit anything while riding at a higher speed.

Next, you’ll have to deal with the Shades in The Aerie, and this is quite easy if you progress the main story until you find Kaine because once you do that, the Shades in The Aerie will vanish.

Thus, the only enemies you’ll encounter are three bats that can be avoided simply by running.

So to summarize this strategy:

  • Start Fragile Delivery after you find Kaine in The Aerie
  • Complete the Boar Hunt quest before this one

And that’s it. Simply get the parcel to the gold house pictured below, then return to the guard and get your rewards.

Nier Replicant How To Deliver Parcel To Gold House
Get the parcel to this house. Without breaking it

For completing the NieR Replicant Remaster Fragile Delivery quest, you’ll receive 1400 Gold.

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