NieR Replicant Letter To A Lover: Where To Find The Recipient In The Aerie

April 28, 2021

NieR Replicant Letter To A Lover is a very short Part One side quest featured in the video game published by Square Enix, and to complete it; you have to deliver a Love Letter to a house in The Aerie.

NieR Replicant Remaster Letter To A Lover is; unlike The Runaway Son for example; quite straightforward, meaning that your only goal is to find the recipient’s location in The Aerie, then return to the quest giver.

However, the Letter To A Lover in NieR Replicant requires you to know the location of the recipient, or if you want, where to find the house in The Aerie, and below I’ll tell you just that.

But let’s start with the time frame for this side quest.

When Should I Start NieR Replicant Letter To A Lover?

You should start the Letter To A Lover in NieR Replicant after you return from Facade and complete it before talking to Popola when you return from the Manor because some quests in the video game have time frames, and you don’t want to miss them.

When you are ready to begin this quest, head to Seafront and look for the man in my screenshot below.

Nier Replicant Letter To A Lover Quest Guide
Talk to the NPC near Seafront’s fountain to start the quest

You’ll find him by the fountain on the eastern side of the city.

Talk to him, and he’ll give you two items. The first one is a Letter to a Faraway Lover, and the second one is a Potted Freesia.

Your goal is to deliver both of them to the villager’s lover.

Where To Deliver The Love Letter In The Aerie?

As said, the quest is pretty easy to complete. From your current location, head to the Southern Plains, then to your Village.

Next, exit the Northern Plains and head west to enter The Aerie.

When you exit the tunnel, cross the round platform and then the long bridge ahead.

Now, climb the ladder on the left side and turn around to see another bridge.

On the other side, turn left and check the house at the end of the platform you are standing on (pictured).

Nier Replicant Letter To A Lover House Location
Get the Love Letter to this house in The Aerie

That’s where you need to deliver the Love Letter in NieR Replicant, and in my picture, you can also see the Village’s Chief house up on the platform in the distance.

When you get to the house, you’ll find out that the lover is missing, so now you’ll have to get back to the quest giver.

As you descend to the round platform below, though, you’ll be attacked by a large Shade.

Kill the Shade, and you’ll get a Pressed Fresia, which must be returned to the quest-giver.

Head all the way back to Seafront and talk to the man by the fountain to complete the NieR Replicant Letter to a Lover quest and get 3000 Gold.

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