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NieR Replicant New Merchant In Town: How To Get Wool, Natural Rubber Lumps & Goat Hides



NieR Replicant New Merchant In Town is a Part One side quest featured in the video game published by Square Enix, and it is also a fetch side-quest that requires a lot of grinding if you don’t have ten bundles of Wool, five lumps of Natural Rubber and ten Goat Hides in your inventory.

In fact, out of all NieR Replicant quests in the first part of the game, The New Merchant In Town is the longest, and it’s a time-consuming task that requires patience. And some gold if you want to complete it faster.

Nevertheless, finishing The New Merchant In Town quest is recommended because of the reward you’ll receive, so below I’ll help you find the Wool, Natural Rubber Lumps, and the Goat Hides so you can complete the quest.

Just make sure you have around an hour to waste on this side quest.

When Should I Start NieR Replicant New Merchant In Town Quest?

The New Merchant In Town in NieR Replicant is best approached after you return from Facade, where you rescued the Prince; however, make sure you do not delay this quest past the point when you get back from the Manor.

That’s because on your way back from the Manor you’ll be asked to talk to Popola and you’ll eventually start Part Two, thus miss this quest.

To start the side-quest travel to Seafront and look for the merchant pictured below.

Nier Replicant New Merchant in Town Quest Walkthrough

Talk to the Merchant on the boat to start this quest in Seafront

You’ll find him on the eastern side of the city by the docks, on his ship.

Good, so talk to our friendly merchant and he’ll tell you that he wants to start trading but he needs help building an inventory. Obviously, you’re the one who is going to help him by bringing back the following:

  • Ten Bundles of Wool
  • Five Lumps of Natural Rubber
  • Ten Goat Hides

Let’ see where you can find these.

Where To Find Wool In NieR Replicant?

The NieR Replicant Wool comes from Sheep you can find them in the Northern Plains. This material is the easiest to get since there’s a lot of Sheep in Northern Plains and as you may remember you had to slaughter them for Mutton while playing the Old-Fashioned Home Cooking and The Runaway Son quests.

Chances are you already have a lot of Wool, so check your backpack first.

If you don’t, head back to your Village; then head to Northern Plains, and the moment you enter the area you’ll see the poor animals you have to kill.

The drop rate is decent so you won’t encounter difficulties in getting Wool in NieR Replicant, especially because Nothern Plains is the best area to farm it.

If by any chance you run out of Sheep simply exit the area towards your Village, then return so the animals can respawn.

Nier Replicant Wool Location

The wool comes from Sheep in Northern Plains

How To Get Goat Hides In NieR Replicant?

Now that you know how to get Wool, let’s go after the NieR Replicant Goat Hides which are the most difficult to get because of the drop rate.

Simply put the Goat Hides in NieR Replicant require a lot of grinding and the best location to farm them is the Eastern Road area.

After you get the Wool, head back to your village, then exit to Eastern Road.

Again, you may remember that you killed Goats in the past to get their meat for The Runaway Son, and you may have several Goat Hides.

If you don’t; get ready to slaughter tens of Goats because the hides rarely drop.

Nier Replicant Goat Hides Locations

You can get Goat Hides from the Goats on Eastern Road

So obviously, you’ll need to force respawn them, thus you’ll want to use the exit towards Lost Shrine: Exterior then return.

The said exit speeds up the process a bit and when you return to the Eastern Road all five Goats should be alive.

Keep in mind though that farming Goat Hides in NieR Replicant is a time-consuming process.

Where To Find Lumps Of Natural Rubber In NieR Replicant?

Finally, for The New Merchant In Town side-quest, you need to find five NieR Replicant Lumps of Natural Rubber; however to make things easier you’ll want to buy these.

That’s because the Natural Rubber in the game is found in random locations through exploration.

In case you don’t have them, head back to Seafront and look for the Material Shopkeeper below.

Nier Replicant Natural Rubber Lumps Locations

Buy Natural Rubber from this Seafront Merchant

On your minimap, the location is marked by an icon depicting a crystal. Talk to this vendor and pay 700 Gold for a Natural Rubber. The total amount you’ll need to spend is 3500 Gold.

Now, it’s time to end this quest. Return to the man on the ship and hand over the materials he asked for.

After a small cutscene, he’ll tell you to return for your reward; so exit Seafront and re-enter the area, then talk to him again.

In exchange for helping him, you’ll get 10000 Gold; which means that your profit after buying the Natural Rubber is 6500; and a lot of Mutton and Goat Meat you can sell to recover the loss.

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NieR Replicant

NieR Replicant A Signature Dish: How To Get Wheat, Sardines & Medicinal Herbs




NieR Replicant A Signature Dish is another Part One side quest featured in the video game published by Square Enix, and it becomes available in Seafront, where the local Tavern Keeper needs your help to develop a new recipe which requires ten Medicinal Herbs, ten Bags of Wheat and 10 Sardines.

A Signature Dish in NieR Replicant also allows you to unlock the second quest in line, named Bon Appetit!, thus it’s quite important to finish it in case you are a completionist.

Although straightforward, the NieR Replicant Signature Dish quest requires time.

So, throughout the guide below, I’ll tell you how to get 10 Medicinal Herbs, 10 Bags of Wheat, and ten Sardines for the NieR Replicant Signature Dish side quest, and hopefully I’ll help you save some time in the process.

When Should I Start NieR Replicant A Signature Dish Quest?

You should start A Signature Dish the moment you return from Facade after you rescue the Prince, but it’s also important to know that you must finish this quest before talking to Popola on your way back from the Manor.

As most quests in Part One, A Signature Dish has a specific time frame you don’t want to miss. Keep this in mind.

Additionally, this quest is also best played after you finish The Fisherman’s Gambit, and below you’ll learn why.

So, assuming you are ready, head to the Tavern in Seafront and talk to the keeper below.

Nier Replicant Signature Dish Quest Guide

Talk to the Tavern Keeper in Seafront

Once you do that he’ll ask you to find the following ingredients:

  • Ten Medicinal Herbs
  • 10 Sardines
  • Ten Wheat Bags

As said, this is a simple fetch-quest; so let’s see where to find all ingredients for A Signature Dish.

Where To Find Sardines In NieR Replicant?

The NieR Replicant Sardines are hard to get if you want to save money because you’ll need to fish them.

Since the Sardines in NieR Replicant are your objective for The Fisherman’s Gambit, you may want to address that quest first.

If you have completed it, you most likely have them. If you sold them you can opt to start fishing, or just visit the Tackle Shopkeeper in Seafront and buy them.

Keep in mind though that the Bait Shop won’t sell Sardines unless you complete The Fisherman’s Gambit.

Assuming you want to focus on this quest only, head to the Tackle Shop below and buy Lugworms. Lugworms are the best bait for Sardines.

Nier Replicant Tackle Shop Location

Buy the recommended bait/lure

Now, head to the Seafront beach near the Lighthouse and start fishing Sardines using Lugworms.

You can see the said beach in my screenshot.

Nier Replicant Sardines Fishing Locations

Get to this beach in Seafront

Good, so now that you have Sardines, it’s time to deal with the Bags of Wheat.

How To Get Wheat In NieR Replicant?

The NieR Replicant Wheat is also hard to get but you have several options.

The first option is to buy it from the Grocer in your Village’s Shopping District (pictured below); however, you’ll need to pay 500 Gold for a bag which is a hefty sum especially because for this quest you’ll receive 5000 Gold.

Nier Replicant Bags of Wheat Locations Guide

You can buy Wheat from this merchant

So if you buy the Wheat, you’ll basically get nothing for this task.

Instead, head to the Florist in the Shopping District (pictured) and buy 10 Wheat Seedlings for 50 Gold each.

Nier Replicant Shopping List Walkthrough

Now return to your house, plant the Wheat, and water it; but do remember that the NieR Replicant Wheat growing time is 2 real-time days.

Even if you use Fertilizer you’ll still have to wait quite some time.

It’s up to you to decide how you want to tackle this ingredient.

How To Get Medicinal Herbs In NieR Replicant?

The NieR Replicant Medicinal Herbs for this quest, and in general; are the easiest to get.

They are dropped by enemies, you can find them through exploration, or you can simply buy them from the Item Shopkeeper in your Village.

Nier Replicant The Lost Eggs Walkthrough

Each Medicinal Herb costs 100 Gold, so if you decide to buy them you’ll spend 1000 Gold. But as said these can be easily obtained by killing Shades.

Once you have all the required materials, return to the Seafront Tavern Keeper and hand them over to receive 5000 Gold and access to the Bon Appetit quest.

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NieR Replicant

NieR Replicant Lighthouse Lady’s Wrath: Postman’s Room Puzzle & Choices




NieR Replicant The Lighthouse Lady’s Wrath is the second Part One side quest featured in the video game published by Square Enix, which involves the Old Lady in the Seafront Lighthouse.

The Lighthouse Lady’s Wrath is also a short quest and one of the saddest in the video game; however, this time you will have to make a choice and also solve a small puzzle.

Additionally, there are several aspects you’ll have to be aware of when playing this quest that basically reveals the truth behind the grumpy old lady in Seafront.

As usual, this guide will cover everything you need to know about The Lighthouse Lady’s Wrath in NieR Replicant, including the puzzle solution and how your choices will affect the next quest in line.

But let’s start from the beginning.

When Should I Start NieR Replicant Lighthouse Lady’s Wrath Quest?

The answer here is pretty simple. The moment you finish the previous quest named Postman’s Request, which as explained is best played after you save the Prince of Facade.

It’s also worth mentioning that you don’t want to delay this side-quest, otherwise, you may miss it.

So, make sure you finish it before talking to Popola when you return from the Manor.

Again, to begin this NieR Replicant side quest you have to talk to Devola in your Village’s Tavern because this quest follows the same structure as the previous one.

As such, go back to the Tavern in your Village, talk to Devola and she will hand you the location of the quest giver, who is the same Postman in Seafront.

Since this is the second quest, you already know that the Postman’s Office in Seafront is close to the eastern bridge and the save point.

Nier Replicant Postman's Office

The Postman’s Office in Seafront is near the save point

When you get to the office you’ll see the Lighthouse Lady arguing with the Postman.

Long story short, the Lighthouse Lady wants to leave the lighthouse and go see her lover; however, without her, the Lighthouse can’t work properly, thus the Postman wants her to remain inside and do her job.

After the cutscene, talk to the Postman, then accept the quest.

Now, exit the office and pay a visit to the Old Lady, following the same route you used for the previous quest. You’ll find her in bed and realize she is sick, like Yonah.

Except that her time is almost over.

Good, so now that you know what is going on, head back to the Postman and talk to him.

When he finds the truth, he will be quite amazed and send you away.

At this point, exit the office and enter again, to find the Postman writing a letter.

Again the long story short is that the Postman was sending fake letters to the Old Lady pretending that he is her lover. But he kept away real letters in the backroom.

Postman’s Office Puzzle Solution

To continue the quest, your next objective is to solve a very accessible puzzle in the postman’s office. Or backroom if you want.

Just approach the stairs and you’ll see a room with multiple crates.

Your goal here is to move the boxes so you can access a hidden room on the other side.

Here is a possible solution to the NieR Replicant Postman’s Office puzzle.

Nier Replicant Lighthouse Lady Wrath Puzzle Solution

Move the crates around to enter the next room

Good then, so in the next room, there are two items you’ll need to find.

First is a Black Pearl on the table, that can fetch a good price from any vendor, and the second item is a pack of letters. The real letters, or the Postman’s Parcel.

Get these, then talk to the Postman. The worker will be quite offended and let you decide what you tell the Lighthouse Lady. This means that now you have to go back to see her.

Lighthouse Lady Dialogue Choices: Tell The Truth Or Lie?

When you get to the dying Lighthouse Lady, the quest is almost over, and you’ll have two dialogue choices:

  • Give her the letter and perpetuate the lie
  • Tell her that the lover is dead

When you make this choice you have to be aware that it won’t affect your rewards at all. Or the story. The only effect your choice has is on how the poor lady leaves this world. Happy, or sad?

If you perpetuate the lie she’ll die happy, but if you tell her the truth, she will die sad.

The end is near, so there is absolutely no reason to make this harder than it already is. So, you should lie and you’ll see the result of your action in the next quest named Closure; which only requires you to talk to Devola and then return to the Postman.

Do this the moment you complete The Lighthouse Lady’s Wrath.

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