NieR Replicant Runaway Son: Where To Find Goat Meat, Mutton & Seafront Clues

by Vlad
April 28, 2021

NieR Replicant Runaway Son is one of the longest side-quests featured in Part One of the video game published by Square Enix, and also one of the most annoying because, besides the fact that it doesn’t come with a reward, it also requires some grinding since you’ll need to find five pieces of Mutton and three pieces of Goat Meat.

On top of this, The Runaway Son quest in NieR Replicant 2021 comes with a lot of legwork, and in the end, you’ll get absolutely nothing for the time you spend playing it.

Nevertheless, since most likely a lot of you guys want to finish all quests in the game, dealing with The Runaway Son in NieR Replicant Remaster is mandatory, and in case you need help; the quest guide below will take you from the starting point to the finish.

So, let’s deal with The Runaway Son and put an end to his scams. Even though, again, we are doing this pro bono.

How To Start The NieR Replicant Runaway Son Quest?

The first thing you need to know is when and how you can start The Runaway Son side quest.

The answer to the first question is quite simple. After you rescue the Prince of Facade while playing the first part of the video game.

For the second question, you’ll want to find the quest giver below.

Nier Replicant Runaway Son Quest Walkthrough
Talk to the old man in your Village to start the quest

He is an old man and as you can see he is located in your Village’s Shopping District. You’ll find him in front of his house, close to the gate leading to the Southern Plains.

It is the last house on the right side while facing the said gate.

Once you talk to him, he’ll ask you to find his runaway son, and the only clue he reveals is that his son wears an unusual-looking hat.

Now the chase begins, and so is the free legwork. Because, as said, you will get nothing in the end. Not even 1 Gold coin.

Where To Find The Young Man Wearing An Unusual-Looking Hat?

The NieR Replicant young man who wears an unusual-looking hat is found in Seafront.

Just so you know, the hat is not really unusual. It’s just a pointy hat similar to those used by wizards.

To find the young man, cross the Southern Plains, then enter Seafront.

Stay on the main road, then head left (east) to get to the fountain across the bridge.

Look around, and you’ll find the runaway son in my screenshot below.

Nier Replicant Unusual Looking Hat Young Man Location
This is the young man you have to find in Seafront

After you talk to the Runaway Son, you’ll have to pay a visit to the Tavern in Seafront because you see, this good-for-nothing fellow wants to thank the Tavern Keeper for feeding him by cooking a meal.

The problem is that the recipe he wants to cook requires ingredients, and obviously, you’ll need to get them. Specifically, you’ll have to get five pieces of Mutton and three pieces of Goat Meat.

So, after you talk to the Tavern Keeper, you’ll need to get the required ingredients.

Where To Find Mutton?

We’ll start with the Mutton because this one it’s easier to get.

In fact, chances are you already have it in your bag, so make sure you check it.

If you don’t, as you may remember from the Old-Fashioned Home Cooking quest, Mutton is obtained by killing sheep in the Northern Plains.

Nier Replicant 2021 Mutton Location
Kill sheep to get Mutton

So back to more legwork because you’ll have to return to your Village, then head towards Northern Plains.

The good thing here is that the Mutton has a decent drop rate. Also, if you get Wool, save it for The New Merchant In Town quest.

Once you get the required amount of Mutton, head back to your Village because now you’ll have to get Goat Meat.

How To Get Goat Meat?

The NieR Replicant Goat Meat is also easy to obtain because of the drop rate, but you’ll have to travel to Eastern Road.

Kill the goats there, and if you run out, simply exit the area and return; so they can respawn.

Nier Replicant Goat Meat Location
Kill Goats in the Eastern Road area to get Goat Meat

Now, with all ingredients in your backpack, return to the Seafront Tavern Keeper to find out that you have been bamboozled.

Yeah, that guy is truly a pain. So next, you’ll want to check with his father, which means that you’ll have to return to your Village.

When you talk to the old man, he’ll tell you what you already know. That his son is a pain, and so is this quest.

Your next objective is to look around Seafront for clues to the runaway’s whereabouts.

Where To Find The Runaway’s Whereabouts Seafront Clues

So, back you go to Seafront to look for clues, although you don’t actually have to find any.

What you need to do is to talk to a specific NPC who is standing by the tunnel (right side) when you exit to Seafront.

Nier Replicant Runaway Son Seafront Clues Lcoations
Talk to the NPC near the tunnel when you enter Seafront

This NPC tells you that the Runaway Son went to Facade. Yes, he went to the other side of the world, and that’s exactly where you have to go next.

This means that you’ll go all the way back to the Eastern Road, then to the Desert, and then to Facade.

Where To Find The Runaway Son In Facade

When you finally make it to the city, the first thing you’ll want to do is get a map of the area, in case you don’t have it already.

You’ll find it sold by the vendor on the right side of the stairs the moment you enter Facade.

Next, you’ll have to find two NPCs (pictured below) who have speech bubbles above their heads. They are located south of the entrance.

Nier Replicant Runaway Son Facade Location
Talk to the two NPCs and then check the door behind them

Talk to them, and they’ll tell you that someone is in their house, so check the door behind them to finally find the Runaway Son. Who, if you can imagine, runs again!

The good thing, though, is that he is nearby, so now you’ll have to exit Facade, and the moment you enter the Desert, you’ll catch him. Finally!

Once you find the Runaway Son, things get pretty straightforward, and your next task is to follow him toward your Village.

When you reach the Desert’s exit, you’ll be attacked by wolves, so dispatch them quickly. Did you notice that the NPC ran again?

Yeah, he did, but looking on the bright side; you’re almost done with this quest, so head back to the Village and check the old man’s house.

You’ll trigger a short cutscene, and a guard comes out and tells you that both the son and his father fled the city after borrowing money from villagers.

Now the quest ends, and you’ll leave empty-handed because life is not fair.

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