Outriders Polluted Outpost: All Loot Chests Locations Guide

by Vlad
April 4, 2021

Outriders Polluted Outpost is the first Wreckage Zone area you will have to explore while playing the game’s main story, and it includes three Loot Chests containing additional Gear, Scraps, and Crafting Materials.

The Outriders Wreckage Zone Polluted Outpost is one of the largest regions located just north of your camp.

This specific outpost includes a lot of ruins that offer the perfect cover for your enemies, and even though it may look confusing at first, as you are about to see, it’s quite easy to navigate.

How To Get To Wreckage Zone Polluted Outpost In Outriders

To enter the Polluted Outpost first time, you have to track the Mentor main quest.

It is a long quest that starts in Trench Town, but it will eventually lead you to the Wreckage Zone.

Once you set your camp, head through the tunnels nearby, and you will get to Polluted Outpost.

Keep in mind that there are two entrances here, but both of them lead you to the same area.

Polluted Outpost Chests Locations

Without going into details on how to defeat all enemies in this region, keep in mind that there are multiple mini-bosses and also several snipers on the other side of the outpost.

There is heavy resistance here, but the good thing is that you can take cover in the tunnels nearby and wait for most mobs to come to you.

Once you clear all of them, return to the tunnels that brought you here, and while facing the waypoint (red door on the other side), follow the order below to get all Loot Chests.

Loot Chest #1 – In A Dead End On The Left Side Of The Exit Point

From the starting location, hug the left side of the area, then move towards the objective marker that appears after you get the key.

The said marker is a red door on top of some stairs.

Head up the stairs, then turn left and keep following the narrow path to reach the dead-end in my screenshot below and the first Polluted Outpost Loot Chest.

Outriders Polluted Outpost Loot Chests Locations
In a dead-end on the left side of the exit point

Loot Chest #2 – In A Side Room

Now, retrace your steps to the red door, but this time head right.

Climb the first set of stairs, and on your left side, you’ll see a small room with the second Polluted Outpost Chest.

Outriders Polluted Outpost Chests Locations
In the small room on the right side of the door leading to Factory Entrance Explorer Flag

Loot Chest #3 – In A Cave

Next, exit the room above and turn left. Keep moving through the ruins, and you’ll start descending slowly.

As you move forward, you’ll reach a cave with a lot of Iron Nodes, a collectible, and the third hidden Loot Chest.

Outriders Wreckage Zone Polluted Outpost Loot Chests Locations
Check out this Loot Cave!

And that’s it. Now you know where to find the Outriders Polluted Outpost Loot Chests in the video game developed by People Can Fly, so let’s head to the Scavenged Factory and Control Tower for the next two.

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