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Resident Evil 8 Village Location: Country, In-Game Currency And More

Resident Evil 8 Village Location: Country, In-Game Currency And More

by VladJune 24, 2020

Hello and welcome back friends, Vlad here, and today I have a new trailer breakdown for you and I am very excited about it because we will talk about Resident Evil 8 Village location, specifically the Resident Evil 8 story location. Or where the game takes place.

Now, why am I so excited about? Because…well we are going to analyze all Resident Evil 8 trailer details indicating where the upcoming Resident Evil video game is taking place. And because, well it takes place in my country!

Yeah, you heard me right. It is taking place in Romania and if I check Google Maps, the castle you saw in the trailer is about 100 miles away from me.

So, If you want to know more about the village, the country, and the characters you see in the Resident Evil Village trailer I suggest reading this trailer breakdown or watching the video above.

Before we begin, I want to outline that in this Resident Evil Village trailer breakdown I am also going to debunk a lot of rumors and false information from YouTubers and major gaming channels, simply because they were making assumptions without even knowing where Romania is on map.

Resident Evil 8 Village Currency

Okay then, let’s begin by answering the most important question. How do I know for sure that the story in Resident Evil Village is taking place in Romania?

Well, I know because along with the trailer we are going to analyze, developers uploaded a video in which they talk about the upcoming Resident Evil 8.

And in that video, we can see a small screenshot showing how the inventory looks like. In the upper right corner, you can notice the in-game currency which shows 100 Lei.

Lei is the plural of Leu and it is the currency of my country. 100 Lei looks like this, and as of today, 100 Lei equals 23 US Dollars.

Resident Evil 8 Village Location

However, even without this small detail, it was quite easy for me to identify the location of the next Resident Evil game simply by watching the announcement trailer.

Keep in mind though that in this trailer breakdown for Resident Evil 8 Village location we will only cover the details that confirm the area of the game, and in the future, we will also talk about characters, weapons, in-game currency, and more.

Finally, if you join my channel on YouTube, I have a surprise for you and I am going to take a trip to the area where Resident Evil Village takes place. Thus, I am going to show you in a live video how it looks like today.

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Okay then, so let’s begin dissecting the Resident Evil Village trailer and look for clues that indicate the correct setting.

Resident Evil Village Setting

The trailer begins with Mia telling a bedtime story while we can spot a dense forest. If you pay close attention to the story you can hear Mia talking about a little girl who runs away from his mother while looking for berries in the forest.

Just like Mia says it is an old story and I am not going to tell it to you, but the events of that story lead to an old cottage. This is a Romanian story I heard so many times.

Eventually, the little girl finds an old woman, or witch inside a cottage. This character from Romanian folklore is named Muma Padurii in Romanian, and translated is The Mother of The Forest. She is a witch and I am 100% sure that it is the old woman we spot later in the trailer.

In Romania, we even have an insult based on this character. You look like the Mother of The Forest. Or you are very ugly!

As we enter the cabin in the wood, we have a lot of visual elements that indicate the location.

First, we have the garlic next to the window which as we all know, in Romania keeps the vampires away. Then we can spot a new room with a window curtain that I swear it looks like the one my grandmother had.

But although the curtain is not a factor indicating the location, the plates above the window are. They decorate Romanian houses, just like the hut we can see in Resident Evil 8.

Resident Evil 8 Village Transylvania

Traditional Elements

Moving on, in the next image, we are inside a barn where we can spot a dog cage like the one used by my father, a paint bucket, a spray, and an old pitchfork used to gather hay.

The most important object though is this old circular saw table woodcutters use. These still exist in Romania.

Resident Evil Village Barn

Although not related to the location of the video game, in the next image we can see some potatoes. Nothing important so far, but what you need to observe here is that they have sprouted. Keep this in mind as we will discuss them later.

Moving forward, after we meet the old man with the shotgun we can observe even more interesting objects. On the ground, we have a wine jug, or damigeana as it is known in Romania, more garlic on the window, and two stoves.

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Both of them were used a long time ago by our grandparents to cook food.

Resident Evil Village Old Man

One last object we need to observe in this picture is the shelf on the right, which has traditional Romanian elements.

Notice the round edges.

Resident Evil 8 Village Romania

Moving on throughout the forest we reach some large gates where we can spot an interesting crest. As the gates open, we can spot the statue of a woman with a shield and a sword in her hand.

The shield here is the most important one because it has the head of a goat on it. The same goat head that appears on the stone gates in front of the village.

Baphomet & Other Symbols

Without going into details as it is not related to our topic, let me just tell you that the goat head represents Baphomet or the deity that the Knights Templar were accused of worshipping. We already covered this topic here.

The next important indicator we can spot is the horseshoe with a horse head inside. Although it may be available in other countries as well, this horseshoe is very important especially because of its position.

Legends say that the horseshoe must be positioned in such a way that it should keep the luck inside. Just like a bucket, or as it is placed in this image. Again, we have covered these strange symbols here.

Resident Evil 8 Village Symbols

Moving forward we can spot an old woman which is the one from Mia’s story or, as I explained earlier, The Mother of The Forest.

Then in a quick succession of events, we can spot a series of characters. Here we can identify a lot of known figures such as what seems to be Mina Harker, who is bitten by Dracula, a werewolf, and so on. We will discuss all of them in the next breakdown.

Village Castle Location

The trailer ends with the view of a castle in the distance, and a lot of people claim that this is Dracula’s castle. While it may be in the game, the castle you see here is not Dracula’s castle.

According to the Romanian legends, Dracula as most people know it today was a vampire. The history though tells us that the legends follow the life of Vlad the Impaler, and I should know better since my name is Vlad too.

But without going into details, the same legends say that Dracula lived in Bran Castle. Which is this one.

Resident Evil Village Castle

However, the castle you see in the trailer is Peles Castle. The differences between them are clearly visible and also the distance between them in real life.

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Resident Evil 8 Castle

On this map, you can see that the closest village to Bran Castle (or Dracula’s Castle from the story) is the village known as Bran, while the closest Village from Peles Castle (the one from the video game trailer) is Sinaia, which is actually a town.

Resident Evil 8 Location

Another important aspect I have to share with you is that the Peles Castle from the video game trailer never belonged to Dracula or Vlad the Impaler.

It is a property that belongs to the Romanian Royal Family and the construction ended in 1914; while Dracula who is a fictional character created by Bram Stoker is dated 1897.


So what we can understand from all these is that indeed the story in Resident Evil Village takes place in Romania. Specifically in Transylvania.

Even the details inside the castle from the trailer; reveal that it is Peles Castle not Dracula’s Bran Castle.

Resident Evil Village Mansion

Furthermore the houses we can spot in the village clearly show the Transilvanian architecture. Now before we wrap this up, earlier we talked about some potatoes which had sprouts that indicate the rebirth of those plants.

An interesting element that we all spotted is this object which looks like a dreamcatcher if you want.

Resident Evil Village Mystery Symbol

A lot of people debated what is in the middle. Some say it’s a fetus, other that is the Umbrella Corporation hidden logo and even developers tell us that it is hiding a lot of info.

I believe that what we are looking at right now is a root, just like the potatoes we have seen earlier. But this is not a potato. It is a root of mandrake or as it is known in my country matraguna.

This plant has a lot of history in Romania, being used for witchcraft.

It is also known as the plant of life and death; and there is a ritual Romanian girls had to perform; before puling a mandrake from the ground. But we discussed the mystery symbol here.

So, these are all the details about the setting in Resident Evil 8 and some key elements I was able to identify based on the Romanian folklore I grew up with.

Keep in mind that more details will follow so make sure you join me on YouTuber if you want to learn more, and if you wish to visit the Resident Evil Village with me in real life and see the actual castle that Ethan must explore.

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