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Resident Evil 8 Village Mystery Symbol: Elements, Positions & Meaning

Resident Evil 8 Village Mystery Symbol: Elements, Positions & Meaning

by VladJune 25, 2020

What is the round wooden thing in the Resident Evil 8 Village mystery symbol? Or what is the Resident Evil Village mystery symbol that appears in the trailer multiple times? This is the topic we will discuss today friends and Resident Evil fans and this is what we will try to clarify once and for all.

Hello and welcome back, Vlad here with more Resident Evil 8 Village news, and as I promised since I live so close to the location where the upcoming Resident Evil 8 game is taking place, I will help you understand all the elements from the Resident Evil Village announcement trailer because there is a lot of information developers shared with us.

Before we begin, let me again thank you for your support on all of my YouTube videos.

Now if you missed the previous trailer breakdown I suggest reading it here. If you already did that, then you know that I live in Romania and I am actually 100 miles away from the castle you see in the Resident Evil Village trailer. The one we have discussed in the previous article.

In this article though, we will go the extra mile and talk about everything there is to learn about the Resident Evil 8 Village mystery symbol.

So, if you are excited as I am about Resident Evil Village, feel free to join my YouTube channel. Finally, a quick reminder that I intend to take you to the village and the castle you saw in the Resident Evil Village trailer this summer.

Just let me know in the comments section below if you want to take this virtual trip with me and step into the shoes of Ethan. Our trip will end with a giveaway which is my first by the way, and you can win a copy of Resident Evil Village.

Yeah, I am celebrating that the newest Resident Evil video game is taking place in my country.

Good then, so back to our topic! The mystery symbol.

RE Village Special Developer Message

Let’s start from the beginning with the Resident Evil Village special developer message.

So, this strange symbol hides some info, and it can be spotted several times in the announcement trailer as well. But what is it?

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The moment Resident Evil Village was announced the internet exploded.

Resident Evil 8 Village Mystery Symbol

First, let’s talk about the moments from the trailer where we can spot the symbol. At first, it appears above the village’s gate. Next, it appears as a drawing on the ground, close to some books.

Finally, we can spot it on a wall; however, only the one above the gate has additional elements on it.

Good then, so let’s identify all elements on this symbol.

Resident Evil Village Mystery Symbol

Strange Object Elements

First, we have 4 feathers, then we have an unknown object. Now, think about it.

Why would some peasants from Transylvania put a fetus or a rotten child on top of their village gate?

Well, as a Romanian, who actually grew up with my country’s folklore I can tell you for sure that fetuses and rotten babies do not appear anywhere. And that I am very sure that developers do not want to associate this symbol with a rotten fetus or whatever nonsense some people claim.

Fetus OR Root?

Inside this symbol what you see is a root.  But not a random root. It is the root of a mandrake, which most likely you remember from Harry Potter movies.

The important aspect we need to remember here is that in Romania, where the game takes place, the mandrake or matraguna as it is known in our language has a different meaning. And this is where things get interesting.

So, before I explain, keep in mind that we are talking about mandrakes in Romanian folklore, not Harry Potter.

In Transylvania, the mandrake is also known as Atropa Belladonna, a name that includes three terms. Bella meaning beautiful, Donna which means woman, and Atropa. The latter comes from ancient roman goddess Atropos, and means terrible or ruthless, referring to the plant’s power to put an end to someone’s life.

Why this association?  Because the plant is both beautiful, especially its fruits, and also deadly. So what is the connection with Resident Evil Village?

The mandrake especially its roots were used a lot by witches from Transylvania. And the root we see in the Resident Evil Village symbol from the trailer signifies that we enter a village of witches.

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Witches & Mandrakes

Ok, now that we know what it is, let’s talk witches and mandrakes. The first thing we need to know is that the mandrake although a poisonous plant is also a useful one because in small doses it can cure a lot of diseases.

The root in the symbol though signifies its most important powers. First, it is used by witches because according to folklore the mandrake’s toxic fumes helped them establish connections with those deceased, then legends say that the toxic elements from it could grant the ability to fly.

Now let’s zoom in a bit and see if this looks like a fetus. Obviously not.

Resident Evil 8 Village Fetus

We can actually see the root and if we pay close attention to the next images we can clearly see that the mandrake root in the middle is surrounded by some other symbols.

Resident Evil 8 Village Mystery Symbol

This is a satanic incantation that we will cover in the future.

Furthermore, the existence of satanic elements and way more powerful forces than you can imagine is confirmed by the goat head we have discussed here. Moving on, now that we know what it is in the middle of the symbol, let’s take a look at the second element. The fathers.

Feather & Wings

The fathers you see in the Resident Evil Village symbol are extremely easy to identify as belonging to crows. Especially for someone from my country.

Romanian witches are commonly associated with crows. These birds are bringers of death, because of their color. In the trailer, we can spot a lot of crows and a witch you may remember from my previous breakdown.

A pack of crows in our folklore means that it is about to snow. And it is as you can see in the trailer. Notice the pack of crows above the head of this old character, and then you can see the snow on the ground.

Resident Evil 8 Village Mystery Symbol Wings

But in our symbol, these are not only feathers. These are wings.

Remember what I told you earlier about the mandrake’s powers and flying? What is more important though is the way they are arranged and their number. We have four crow wings.

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Why four?


Because there is a lot of mysticism in this trailer just like it is in Transylvania. The way they are positioned denote something else. And the answer here is offered by the Tarot Cards.

Okay, now you most likely ask yourself how the hell do I know all these. The funny fact is that in Romania witches still exist, although they are modern now and well..not as powerful as you would expect. But they use Tarot Cards just like the witches in Transylvania used to.

And because the Resident Evil Village trailer is filled with Tarot signs. Such as these crosses over here.

Resident Evil 8 Village Graveyard

Ok, back to our Tarot Card and the way the wings are positioned in the symbol.

As you can see the Four of Swords Thoth Tarot Card means truce.

Resident Evil 8 Village Crow Feathers

Although you should know that there are other meanings as well, I doubt that Resident Evil Village developers went that deep with its meaning.

So what can we understand from this video?

RE Village Mystery Symbol Meaning

Well, first that the symbol above the gate signifies that the Resident Evil Village is a village of witches because of the mandrake root. Second that it is somehow a forbidden village for normal people, like Ethan and there is a truce between the witches and the rest of the world.

And finally that it is a deadly one, because of the crow wings. But we already know that, right?

So this is what the Resident Evil Village mystery symbol actually signifies and I am really proud because due to my location I was able to figure it out. Now, you may also want to read about the 4 crests puzzle because trust me it is way more important than you can think of.

Finally, remember about the trip to the Resident Evil Village I have announced and if there is enough interest we will visit it together this summer along with my giveaway.

To join the trip, make sure you subscribe to my channel on YouTube because that’s where the Livestream will happen.

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