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Resident Evil 8 Village Secrets: Goats, Goat Heads Meaning & More Symbols

Resident Evil 8 Village Secrets: Goats, Goat Heads Meaning & More Symbols

by VladJune 26, 2020

What are the Resident Evil Village goat head we see in the game’s announcement trailer? Why there are so many goats in the game? What’s up with the goats anyway?

Yes friends, today we are talking Resident Evil 8 Village goats and goat heads! Interesting right? It is because my recent findings will blow your mind away.

Hello and welcome back, Vlad here, or your Resident Evil 8 Romanian guide, with a new trailer breakdown that I think you will just love because everything you know about Resident Evil is about to change.

Before we begin, a quick recap. Two days ago, I started my series of Resident Evil Village trailer breakdowns, because the upcoming Resident Evil Village game is taking place in Romania, and its location is actually quite close to mine. I really suggest you watch all of my Resident Evil Village videos, especially if you wish to understand everything from Capcom’s trailer.

In the first breakdown we have discussed the game’s location, and yesterday we have talked about the mystery symbol. Now that we know for sure what it means and why there is no fetus or a dead child in it, we will cover a new symbol that it is quite important for our game. The goat heads we can see in the trailer.

Again I suggest you watch both videos before the one above.

Good, now a quick shoutout to all of you guys for your support. This means all your likes, comments, and your subscriptions to my YouTube channel. Thank you very much for joining me on Youtube.

Okay then so let’s begin with today’s topic. The goat head and where can we spot it in the actual trailer?

Goats & Goat Heads

The first time we can see some goat skulls in the old man’s cabin on the right wall. Notice that they have no horns.

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Resident Evil 8 Village Goat Skulls

Next, we can see another goat head on this woman’s shield.

Resident Evil 8 Village Statue

And another one on this gate which is actually the same one since well we can see the woman with the rapier in her hand.

Resident Evil 8 Village Gate

Next, we can see a goat in the village. This one is…quite clear.

Resident Evil 8 Village Resident Evil 8 Village Goat

Then we can see the profile of an old woman with a lot of horns on her head. And well, that’s about it.

Resident Evil 8 Village Resident Evil 8 Village Old Witch

Goat Heads & Baphomet

So what is with the goat head? The goat head you see in the trailer signifies Baphomet. Are you ready to be blown away now?

Resident Evil 8 Village Resident Evil 8 Village Baphomet

Good because Umbrella Corporation is actually…the Order of the Knights Templar. What?

Yeah, and now for those of you who don’t believe me, let’s dissect the info. Let’ start with the most obvious images.

The Umbrella Logo you know for so much time and the Templars Order Cross. The similarities are easy to observe.

Resident Evil 8 Village Resident Evil 8 Village Secrets


Let’s go even further with this image showing a series of symbols or crests. We discussed them here, but for our topic notice that the Umbrella Corporation logo is in the middle, while the symbols form a cross.

But not any cross. The Templar Cross.

Resident Evil 8 Village Resident Evil 8 Village Secrets Crests

Now let’s get back to our goat head which we know that it signifies Baphomet. Why is the head on the woman’s shield?

Because the woman is a templar and Baphomet is the deity that the Knights Templar were accused of worshipping. But there is way more than that especially on the village’s gate.

The woman you see on the gate is fighting a demon. But it is not a regular fight. This is something way more powerful because the gate itself shows the battle between forces of heaven and hell.

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Notice the hands on the side pointing up, just like the poor souls in hell, Now let’s zoom in a bit to spot the people that are actually falling spears. Yes, they are impaled.

Impaled by Vlad The Impaler you all know as Dracula.

Resident Evil 8 Village Resident Evil 8 Village Dracula

The Sabbatic Goat

The goat heads you see, thus Baphomet, is associated with the “Sabbatic Goat”, and Éliphas Lévi also associated it with The Devil from the early Tarot.

Let’s backtrack a bit now. Do you remember the previous breakdown when we debunked the existence of a fetus aka dead baby from the mysterious sign?

Well, if you remember we already talked about all elements in the strange symbol. It is not a fetus but a mandrake root, the position of the wings signifies Truce from the Tarot, the wings come from crows, and now the cherry on the cake. The goat head, Baphomet, or Lévi’s The Devil Tarot.

Resident Evil Village Secrets

So how do I know all these? For those of you who are new to my YouTube channel, I am from Romania and everything you see in Capcom’s Resident Evil Village trailer is based on my country’s folklore.

A little research reveals what I believe to be the most important secret in the Resident Evil franchise. The connection between The Knight Templars and Umbrella Corporation. Something that was so obvious.

Witches’ Sabbath

Ok, I know it is a lot of info to dig, but let’s get back to Baphomet. In the trailer we can see a lot of horns, goat heads, we can spot the old witch, and we can see the mysterious object.

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What we are looking at is the Witches’ Sabbath, a celebration held by witches to honor Baphomet. Hence, and this goes for everyone still believing that the object in the middle is the symbol of a fetus, what you are seeing right now it is not only a sign but a wreath.

We have the mandrake root that was used by witches from my country to communicate with the dead and is believed to give the ability to fly.

Next, we have the crow wings which are also connected with the wings of Baphomet; then we have the round circle in the middle which I forgot to mention in my previous breakdown.

This ring is the upper part of a sewing machine from Romania. Also known as vartelnita. Old women used it to create balls of yarn, and in this symbol, it is used to keep all the elements connected. Just like the treads of a story.

Resident Evil 8 Secrets

So the gate we saw above is something that nobody expected seeing. What is behind that? I have some ideas, but I will not go that far into making assumptions I can’t explain. What I can explain though are the Romanian Folklore elements because they are from my country.

Does this make sense to you now? If it does, I want to hear your opinions in the comments section below.

Finally, keep in mind that my trip to the actual Resident Evil Village castle is still going to happen and if you want to join me, all you have to do is to subscribe to my YouTube channel and I will take you there this summer in a Livestream that is going to be unique.

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