Saints Row Reboot Marina East: All 6 Discoveries Locations

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August 30, 2022

Saints Row 2022 Marina East is a small Idols Territory and probably the most accessible when it comes to finding all Discoveries in your attempt to control every region in the video game developed by Deep Silver Volition.

Found southwest of Monte Vista, the Saints Row Reboot Marina East includes a total of 6 Discoveries, which we’ll cover in our locations guide below.

As you know from the previous guides, to be able to fill the Discoveries bar on your in-game phone, you have to complete every activity related to a Discovery.

In the Marina East area of Saints Row 5, the list of Discoveries includes:

  • 3 Pallet Pickups
  • 2 Photo Hunts
  • 1 Weather Station

Saints Row 5 Marina East Discoveries Map

Now that we know what we are looking for, here is the Marina East Discoveries locations map, which pinpoints every Discovery in this region.

Saint Row Marina East Discoveries Locations

As you can see on the map above, most Discoveries are found on the western side of the region. Let’s see how to complete them.

Where To Find All Marina East Drug Pallet Pickups

The Marina East Drug Pallet Pickups is the first type of Discoveries we’ll cover in our guide because they are very accessible.

Discoveries 1-3 (Drug Pallets): Behind The Barber Shop

In this Santo Ileso region, as you can see above, there are 3 Drug Pallets you have to retrieve, and all of them are on the roof of a building.

Start by driving to the location I marked above, then look for some stairs in a narrow alley behind the Barber Shop.

Open the small gate in front of the stairs, follow them up, and you’ll get to the roof where the Drung Pallets are found.

As you can see below, they are lined up and waiting to be picked up.

Saints Row Marina East Drug Pallet Pickups Locations

How To Complete All Marina East Photo Hunts

Once you recover the Drug Pallets, it’s time to go after the Photo Hunts, and in Marina East, you need to practice your photography skills two times.

Discovery 4 (Photo Hunt): On The Ileso Row Building

For the first Photo Hunt, you need to photograph a cactus mural. The cactus mural is found on the back wall of the Ileso Row building.

From the roof where you found the Drug Pallets, look north across the street to spot the large building named Ileso Row.

Go behind it and look up to spot a painting (graffiti) depicting a cactus.

Take a photograph using your phone’s camera.

Saints Row Marina East Photo Hunt Locations

Discovery 5 (Photo Hunt): Next To Lenin Rome Restaurant

For the second Photo Hunt in this area, you’ll have to travel east. It’s only several meters away, and it requires you to photograph The Messenger.

The Messenger is another painting/graffiti depicting a woman and an eagle.

You can see it in the screenshot below, while the map above marks its location.

Take a picture of it, and the second Marina East Photo Hunt is complete.

Saints Row 2022 Marina East Photo Hunt Locations

Where To Find The Marina East Weather Station

The sixth and final Marina East Discovery you’ll have to find is the Weather Station.

This one is also very accessible because you can spot it the moment you complete the previous one.

All you need to do is look north from The Messenger Photo Hunt, and you’ll see the Weather Station on a hill across the road.

If you already see it on your map, don’t worry about it because it counts as found. If not, make sure you get close to it.

Saints Row Reboot Marina East Weather Stations Locations

And that’s it, Saints! You have found the 6 Saints Row Marina East Discoveries.

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