Saints Row Reboot Marina West: All 13 Discoveries Locations

by Vlad
August 30, 2022

Only a bit larger than Marina East, Saints Row 2022 Marina West features almost double the number of Discoveries you’ll need to find and complete while working on taking over this Idols Territory.

Saints Row Marina West also includes 3 Stores, 2 Side Hustles, and 5 Threats, but the Discoveries are the trickiest because, as you probably know by now, they do not appear on your map unless you get close to them.

To help you complete the Saints Row 5 Marina West Discoveries, throughout the following guide, we’ll go over their locations and discuss every activity you have to complete in this region of Santo Ileso.

The complete list of said activities includes:

  • 6 Pallet Pickups
  • 2 Photo Hunts
  • 2 Dumpster Divings
  • 1 Weather Station
  • 1 Hidden Story
  • 1 Fast Travel Photo

Saints Row 5 Marina West Discoveries Map

Let’s start the guide with a custom Marina West Discoveries map that pinpoints the locations of these activities in the video game developed by Deep Silver Volition.

Saints Row Marina West Discoveries Locations

As you can notice, the Discoveries are scattered equally throughout this region, which means that you’ll need to explore it fully. Here is what you have to do at every location you’ll visit.

Where To Find All Marina West Drug Pallet Pickups

In Marina West, you’ll need to retrieve 6 Drug Pallets. We’ll start with them so you can clear the map.

Discoveries 1-3 (Drug Pallets): On The Beach

The first batch of Drug Pallet Pickups in Marina West is found at the location marked on the map above, on the southwestern side of the region.

After reaching the spot on the map, you’ll find a rather large metal bridge.

Check the beach that’s near the parking spot, and you’ll see the Drug Pallets lined up along the water. The third Pallet is behind some rocks near the metal bridge.

Saints Row Marina West Drug Pallet Pickups Locations

Discoveries 4-6 (Drug Pallets): On The Roof Of The FBS Building

For the next 3 Drug Pallets, you’ll have to get on the roof of the FBS Building at the location marked on the map above.

To do so, first, find the building, then go around it and climb the ledges on the back. Once on the roof, you’ll see the first Drug Pallet Pickup.

The second one is near a satellite dish on the upper roof. To get it, try jumping on the air duct.

The third Pallet is on the second upper roof behind a concrete wall.

Saints Row 2022 Marina West Drug Pallet Pickups Locations

How To Complete All Marina West Photo Hunts

Now that you found the Drug Pallets, let’s go over the two Marina West Photo Hunts in Saints Row 2022.

Discovery 7 (Photo Hunt): In A Plaza

For the first Photo Hunt or the 7th Discovery marked on the map above, you need to photograph the fountain at La Galleria shopping center.

The fountain is impossible to miss, and you’ll find it in the middle of a small plaza within the shopping center.

Align your phone’s camera and take a picture of the fountain pictured below.

Saints Row Marina West Photo Hunt Locations

Discovery 8 (Photo Hunt): By The Road

For the second Photo Hunt, you are asked to photograph the School of Architecture and Design Campus Sign, which is also very easy to spot.

Head to the location marked above, and you’ll see it by the road, in front of a large building with banners on it.

The SAD sign below is what you need to capture for this Photo Hunt.

Saints Row 2022 Marina West Photo Hunt Locations

How To Complete Marina West Dumpster Divings

Moving on, the next two discoveries we’ll cover in this area are the Dumpster Divings, which require you to find the two golden dumpsters.

Discovery 9 (Dumpster Diving): Behind Marina West Mall

The first one marked on the map above is in an alley behind the Marina West Mall.

First, find the mall, then go around the building, following the gate to the parking lot.

You should be able to spot the Dumpster waiting for you in the area behind the mall. Inside you’ll find the Industrial Compactor part.

Saints Row Marina West Dumpster Diving Location

Discovery 10 (Dumpster Diving): Behind City Scape Condos

The second hidden Dumpster in this region is also in a back alley, but this time behind the City Scape Condos.

Look for a large building at the location marked on my map and go around it to spot it between a regular dumpster and a toilet.

Inside this Dumpster, you’ll find the Pizza Box Hat!

Saints Row 2022 Marina West Dumpster Diving Location

Where To Find The Marina West Weather Station

Marina West Weather Station also counts as a Saints Row Discovery you need to reveal in this area.

The Weather Station is very accessible, and most likely, you’ll reveal its location while searching for the first Drug Pallets batch.

If not, travel to the 11th location on the map above, and you’ll see it in a promenade area between the two iron bridges. It’s overseeing the river. Get close to it to make it count as found.

Saints Row Reboot Marina West Weather Stations Locations

How To Unlock The Bear Lake Fast Travel Point

The next Discovery you’ll have to complete (12th on the map above) is the Bear Lake Fast Travel point.

Basically, for this Discovery, you have to take a picture of a large bear and a rabbit sitting in the middle of a lake.

Upon reaching the location on our map, while standing on the balcony at the edge of the lake, pull out your phone and use its camera to photograph the giant bear statue.

Saints Row Marina West Bear Lake Fast Travel Location

How To Explore The Red Faction Memorial Park Hidden History

Last but not least, in Marina West, you also have to complete one of the Hidden Histories.

For the Red Faction Memorial Park, first head to the 13th location on our map, then interact with the large welcome sign by the street (pictured below).

Now, you’ll have to find four additional signs. One is found on the right side of the park while facing the welcome sign. The third is opposed to the second, so cross the small park to find it.

The fourth is in the back of the park, as opposed to the welcome sign. You should see it on a small balcony.

Saints Row Marina West Hidden History Locations

The fourth and final sign is the trickiest because it’s outside the park.

From the welcome sign, head east down the road, and you’ll see it at the intersection in front of the Red Faction Brew Works.

Saints Row 2022 Marina West Hidden History Locations

Once you find the last sign, interact with it, then return to the large welcome sign to complete the Hidden History.

And that’s it! These are all Saints Row West Marina Discoveries you need to find, but if you have questions, feel free to let us know in the comments section below.

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