Relic Ruins

Horizon Forbidden West  Relic Ruins are activities you can complete to unlock Ornaments that you can later trade with Stemmur in Hidden Ember.

The HZFW Relic Ruins feature puzzles you have to solve in specific locations around the map, each puzzle being different.

There are 9 Horizon 2 Forbidden West Relic Ruins available in the video game, and the guides below explain how to complete them.

Since some of the Relic Ruins Puzzles require the Igniter and the Vine Cutter, these are best approached after you get the two tools for Aloy via story progression.

You can also complete them after the story if you wish, as long as you get all 9 Relic Ruins Ornaments Collectibles.

Need help with them? Use the guides below whenever you’re stuck.