The Medium Niwa Hotel: How To Enter The Resort

February 2, 2021

Making your way deeper into the resort is the second main objective you’ll have to complete in The Medium after Marianne leaves Jack’s Funeral House, and although the video game developed by Bloober Team is quite linear, there is a small puzzle you’ll have to solve in order to enter Niwa Hotel or Niwa Resort if you want.

Once inside, things will get a bit complicated; however, below, I’ll explain how to enter Niwa Resort because this is the first thing you’ll have to do while chasing down Thomas.

Before we start, it’s worth mentioning that The Medium Niwa Resort features two entrances.

The first one is the one at the gates, which allows you to enter Niwa property, and behind the fence, there is a lot of ground to cover.

So, first, you’ll need to enter the Niwa Resorts property.

To do this, while standing at the gates, look behind the security building for a dumpster. Jump on it, then jump over the fence.

Now, you’ll be inside the Niwa Resort, and the next thing you’ll want to do is to fully explore the area. There are no enemies here, so feel free to look around because you can find an impressive number of collectibles.

Without spoiling the video game, as you progress through the woods, you’ll reach a rather large clearing where you can see the Niwa Hotel; thus, your next objective is to find a way inside the Niwa building.

How To Enter The Medium Niwa Hotel

Good, so now it’s time to catch up with Thomas, but to do that, first, you’ll have to open the Niwa Hotel door, which is locked.

Obviously, you don’t have a key, which means that you’ll need to find another way around.

To do this, while facing the large building (aka Niwa Hotel), head left and start exploring the parking lot.

Your goal is to find an old car that looks just like the one in my image below.

Medium Niwa Hotel How To Enter
Find this old car

Approach the car, grab the collectible on the front seat, then pop up the trunk by activating the button next to the steering wheel.

Now, check the car’s trunk and grab the screwdriver.

This is the item you’ll need to get inside Niwa Hotel in The Medium, so head back to the front door.

While standing in front of the door, you’ll notice a chain, which well can’t be cut with a screwdriver. So, here is where the second part of the puzzle starts.

Niwa Resort Door Puzzle

From your current location, head right to find another door. It looks like the one in my image below.

Medium Niwa Hotel Door Puzzle
Head right to find another door you can open

Investigate it, and you’ll see that the door has no knobs, but your old screwdriver can be used as a doorknob.

Select it from the inventory to get inside a small room and start looking around.

Your objective is to find the green dumpster on the left side of the room as you enter.

The Medium Niwa Resort How To Enter
Use this dumpster to get inside

Get close to it, and push it all the way outside, then climb on it, and finally climb the lower roof to sneak through the broken window.

And that’s it. That’s how you enter The Medium Niwa Hotel & Resort, where the real fun begins. Inside you’ll also find Thomas’s Office and an interesting puzzle.

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