Valheim Abyssal Harpoon: How To Craft & Get The Materials For It

by Vlad
March 6, 2021

Abyssal Harpoon is a spear you can craft in Valheim, the video game developed by Iron Gate, and a useful tool you can use for relocation.

The Valheim Abyssal Harpoon, however, is, as you can guess, a bit trickier to get; therefore, in this guide, we will talk about this specific spear, how to craft it, and how to get it instantly.

The Abyssal Harpoon, or “The ocean’s wrath” as it is described in the game, is similar to the Abyssal Razor when it comes to unlocking because it uses the same crafting materials.

So, let’s see how you can get this impressive Valheim Weapon.

How To Unlock The Abyssal Harpoon In Valheim

Again, the first thing you’ll need to do in order to unlock the Valheim Harpoon is to build a watercraft. Preferably not a simple Raft because it’s quite slow and you’ll have to do a lot of sailing.

Thus try to get a Karve or a Longship.

Now, start exploring the Ocean Biome in search of Leviathans or the large creatures pictured below.

Valheim Leviathan Locations
Look for these large floating creatures, if you want to find Chitin

These creatures have Abyssal Barnacles on their backs, and you’ll have to mine them to get Chitin.

Although you can use any Pickaxe to mine a Barnacle, the idea here is to use the best one as you’ll get more Chitin. And you’ll need a lot.

The Abyssal Harpoon unlocks the moment you mine your first Chitin; however, try not to forget what happens when you approach the majestic creatures known as Leviathans:

  • A Valheim Leviathan is a living creature, so mining on its back will disturb it
  • When this happens, the Leviathan sinks, and you’ll have to swim back to your boat; hence keep your watercraft close
  • Finally, when you mine a Barnacle, you have a 10% chance of waking up the Leviathan

Good, so now that you unlocked the recipe for this unique harpoon, it’s time to return to the Workbench.

Abyssal Harpoon Crafting Materials

At your Workbench, the first thing you’ll have to do is to upgrade it to level 2 by building a Chopping Block, Tanning Rack, Adze, or Tool Shelf next to it.

Obviously, you’ll also need the following materials to get your Abyssal Harpoon:

  • 8 Fine Wood – Comes from Birch and Oak trees in the Meadows or Plains Biomes, but you’ll need a Bronze Axe
  • 30 Chitin – As explained above, you get this material by mining Abyssal Barnacles on Leviathans
  • 3 Letter Scraps – Obtained by killing Boars, from Muddy Scrap Piles, or from random chests in the Meadows

With all these materials in your inventory, you are now ready to craft the Abyssal Harpoon in Valheim.

Valheim Abyssal Harpoon Crafting Guide
You can craft the Abyssal Harpoon at the workbench

How To Instantly Get The Abyssal Harpoon

Assuming you want to get this awesome spear without looking for all materials listed above, you can use a very accessible Valheim Cheat or Console Command that spawns this item in front of you. On the ground.

Here is what you need to do:

  • Press F5 to bring up the game’s console
  • Next, type imacheater to activate the Valheim Cheat Mode
  • Now, type spawn SpearChitin, and you’ll see the spear falling from the sky

Don’t forget, though, that although a spear, this harpoon is also a tool that allows you to leash enemies and animals. Thus you’ll be able to relocate them to other areas. For example, you can drag a boar into a pen or a Sea Serpent to land; thus, you’ll be able to get Serpent Scales which usually sink when you kill the Serpent.

And that’s it, Viking. Now you know how to get the Abyssal Harpoon in Valheim, so why not get an Ancient Bark Spear next?

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