Valheim Adze: How To Build & Use

by Vlad
March 8, 2021

Adze is a Valheim Workbench improvement, which allows you to increase the level of a Workbench by 1; while playing the video game developed by Iron Gate.

The Valheim Adze, however, is a bit trickier to build, and below I’ll tell you how to get it up and running and also how to get all Crafting Materials required for it.

So, let’s see how you can build an Adze in Valheim.

Just so you know, in real life, this small structure is used to carve wood.

How To Unlock The Adze In Valheim

In order to be able to build your first Adze, you’ll have to unlock it, and as you probably know, new Valheim building recipes are unlocked the moment you gather the very first crafting material required for that specific building or structure.

As such, to get access to the Adze, you’ll need to get your first Bronze Bar and your first piece of Fine Wood.

Valheim Fine Wood Location
The Fine Wood in Valheim is worth all the trouble

Next, you’ll see that the recipe is unlocked; however, to build one, you’ll have to continue gathering the same materials until you have the required amounts:

  • 3 Bronze – To get this, you’ll have to mine Copper and Tin. Using these two materials at a Smelter, you’ll be able to get your first Bronze Bar
  • 10 Fine Wood – This crafting material comes from Birch and Oak trees in the Meadows or Plains Biomes; however, to chop these trees, you’ll have to craft a Bronze Axe

Once you have these materials, head back to your settlement to build the Adze.

How To Build The Adze

This Valheim Workbench Upgrade comes with some special requirements.

Since now you know how to get all Crafting Materials for it, let’s see how and where you should place it.

  • Select your building hammer first
  • Now, press the right mouse button
  • Go to the Crafting Tab
  • Select the Adze
  • Place the structure next to a Workbench, and a Forge

The idea here is that the Adze in Valheim upgrades the Workbench, but in order to build it, you’ll also need a Forge nearby. It won’t improve the Forge, but you can’t build one without it. Just like the Valheim Anvils.

Also, you have to know that this Workbench upgrade has a 2 meters radius, so make sure you don’t place it randomly.

Furthermore, if you build one, you’ll upgrade the Workbench by 1 level, and for future upgrades, you’ll need a Chopping Block, Tanning Rack, and a Tool Shelf.

Valheim Adze How To Build Use
Place it next to a Workbench and a Forge

Above, you can see where to place the Adze in Valheim.

And that’s it, Viking. Now you know how to build your first Valheim Adze, and you should be able to craft the Abyssal Harpoon and Abyssal Razor.

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