Valheim Amber Pearls Locations: How To Get & Use

by Vlad
March 3, 2021

Amber Pearls are Valheim valuables that can’t be used in crafting, but they can get you a lot of coins, provided you know how to use them while playing the video game developed by Iron Gate.

Similar to the Valheim Amber we already covered, the Amber Pearls have a specific purpose, so below, I’ll tell you where to find them and how to farm these shiny items.

Furthermore, I’ll also tell you how to get infinite Valheim Amber Pearls using a simple console command.

How To Use The Valheim Amber Pearl

Since it is not a Crafting Material, the Amber Pearl in Valheim can only be used for trading; however, this item requires a specific NPC we already met.

His name is Haldor, and he spawns randomly on your map, meaning that he doesn’t have a fixed location.

So the first thing you’ll want to do in order to use your Amber Pearls is to find him. You can see Haldor in the screenshot below.

Valheim Amber Pearls Locations How To Use
Haldor is willing to buy your pearls

If you wish to find Haldor faster, you should start your search with the Black Fores Biomes, which seem to be his favorite ones.

Alternatively, you can force spawn Haldor anywhere on the map simply by using the spawn Haldor console command.

After you find him, make sure your Amber Pearls are in your inventory, then hit the sell button.

The option to sell removes all the Valuables in your inventory, including all Rubies, Ambers, and Silver Necklaces.

In exchange, Haldor will give you Coins you can use to buy the items he sells.

Where To Find Amber Pearls

The Amber Pearls can usually be found in dungeons; however, sometimes, you may be able to also find them outside in random chests.

As such, if you want to get Amber Pearls faster, you should focus on exploring the dungeons available in specific Biomes.

Start with the Burial Chambers and Troll Caves in the Black Forest, and make sure you level up your character to defeat The Elder.

The said boss drops the Swamp Key that allows you to unlock the Sunken Crypts Gates. Inside these dungeons, you’ll also find Amber Pearls.

You can see what these crypts look like below; however, be advised that you’ll have to mine a lot of Muddy Scrap Piles to fully explore these dungeons.

Valheim How To Open Crypt Gates
Use the Swamp Key to open the Crypt Gates

Finally, as you advance through the game, you’ll also be able to explore the Stone Graves and Viking Graveyards in the Meadows Biome.

Infinite Amber Pearls Cheat

If by any chance you need Amber Pearls instantly, you can also opt to use a console command or a cheat.

To do so, simply follow these steps:

  • Press F5 to bring up the game’s console
  • Next, type imacheater to activate the Valheim Cheat Mode
  • Finally, type spawn AmberPearl X, where X represents the number of pearls you wish to get. For example, spawn AmberPearl 50 awards you 50 Pearls, as you can see in the first image above

This method is basically a variation of the Infinite Money Cheat we talked about and serves the same purpose.

Simply put, instead of getting unlimited money, you’ll get infinite pearls that you can sell to get, well…infinite coins.

And that’s it, friends. Now you know where to find Amber Pearls in Valheim and how to use them.

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