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March 11, 2021

Barley is a Valheim resource and a crafting material you’ll need to grow or find while playing the video game developed by Iron Gate. Like Flax or Carrot Seeds, for example, this resource is used in farming, allowing you to produce Barley Flour, an important cooking ingredient.

Since it’s a bit trickier to find and farm, below, we will discuss this resource, and I’ll tell you where to find it, how to grow it, its growing time, and even how to get infinite Barley in Valheim. So, let’s start from the beginning with its location.

Where To Find Barley In Valheim

In Valheim, there are three methods to get this plant, and all of them are in the Plains Biome. As such, you can it from:

  • Random chests in Fuling Villages
  • Cultivated Fuling farms
  • By growing it on your own farm

Now, let’s go over the first two methods. Basically, to find this ingredient, you’ll need to reach the Plains Biome, and you may need a Raft or other watercraft to do that. Once you do that, you’ll have to explore the area, looking for small establishments inhabited by Fulings.

Obviously, you’ll have to dispatch them and then check the area for chests. Inside, you’ll have a chance to find Barley; however, most villages also have cultivated fields like the one below.

Valheim Barley Locations

These planted fields usually have between 10 and 20 patches, each providing two units. Make sure you get them because you’ll use these to start your own Barley farm. This brings us to the next topic.

How To Grow Barley

Now that you have your first Barley seeds, it is time to plant them to have a constant supply for your baking needs. The most important aspect is that this material won’t grow in other biomes except Plains.

This means that if you get a message like “can’t grow in this environment,” or if you wonder why this material won’t grow, it’s because you’re in the wrong Biome. So make sure you establish a new settlement in the Plains Biome and connect it with your main settlement through a Portal. Or learn how to use the Valheim Teleport Cheat properly.

In the Plains Biome, you can grow this plant and then teleport it to your main village. To plant it, you’ll need to get a Cultivator. The whole process is quite simple:

  • Equip your Cultivator, then press the right mouse button and pick Cultivate
  • Now clear the plants around you by clicking the left mouse button
  • Next, click the right mouse button again and pick Barley
  • With the left mouse button, plant it on your field

Below, you can see a basic Valheim Barley farming field in the Plains Biome.

Valheim Barley Farming

Growing Time

Once you set up your fields or farm, you must wait until the Barley grows. This plant, however, requires some time, just like Flax. To keep it simple, if you want to know the growing time for this crafting material, it is between 66 minutes and 83 minutes, or  2.22-2.78 in-game days. That’s how long it takes until it can be harvested, and the whole process is even easier. Simply get close to a plant and press E.

How To Use Barley

Now that you know how to cultivate and harvest it, let’s see how you can use it. The primary purpose of this plant is to help you produce Flour, which requires a Windmill. Other than this, you can also use it at the Cauldron to get Wine Base: Fire Resistance, which is required by the Fire Resistance Wine recipe you’ll get at the Fermenter.

But the most important usage is the Flour because you’ll need it as an ingredient for Blood Pudding Bread, Fish Wraps, and Lox Meat Pie.

Barley Spawn ID Farming Cheat

Finally, the last thing you may want to know is the Spawn ID for this plant, how to use it, or how to get infinite Barley in Valheim, in case you don’t want to grow it yourself. This, as usual, is quite simple if you know how to use its ID. If not, here is what you need to do for unlimited Valheim Barley:

  • Press F5 to bring up the game’s console
  • Next, type imacheater to activate the Valheim Cheat Mode
  • Finally, type spawn Barley X where represents the amount you wish to get. For example, spawn Barley 50 spawns 50 units
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