Valheim Beech Seeds: How To Plant, Use & Spawn Id

by Vlad
March 12, 2021

Beech Seeds are a type of Valheim seeds and a resource you’ll find early in the video game developed by Iron Gate; however, to use them, you’ll need to advance your settlement a bit.

That’s because, similar to Carrot Seeds, for example, the Valheim Beech Seeds can be used in farming, meaning that you’ll have to unlock a Cultivator before you can plant them.

Nevertheless, a Beech Seed is very useful later in the game when you have a fully established village, and in order to get more wood, you’ll be forced to do some walking.

So, below we will talk about the Beech Seeds in Valheim, how to plant or how to use them, and obviously how to get an unlimited amount in case you want to start a forestry career.

Where To Find Beech Seeds In Valheim

The good thing about the Beech Seeds in Valheim is that they are really easy to find, and you’ll notice this the moment you start the game and craft your first axe.

These seeds come from Beech Trees that grow everywhere in the Meadows Biome. As you can see in the screenshot below, they have wide crowns and grey barks.

When you get close to one of them, you’ll also see a small text which tells you the type of tree you’re looking at.

Valheim Beech Seeds Plant
Valheim Beech Trees

Now, equip your axe (any axe) and chop it down.

From a Beech Tree, you can get:

  • Wood
  • Resin
  • Feather
  • Beech Seed

How To Plant Beech Seeds

Ok, so now that you got your first Beech Seed is time to plant them.

The first aspect you have to be aware of is that Valheim Beech Seeds must be planted in the Meadows Biome.

Just how Barley can be planted only in the Plains Biome.

In order to plant them, you’ll need to craft a Cultivator. This tool is pretty easy to get, but in case you need help, here is what you need:

  • A functional Forge
  • 5 Core Wood – Obtained by chopping Pines in the Black Forest Biome
  • 5 Bronze – Obtained from Copper Bars and Tin Bars

Now that you know how to get the Cultivator, equip it, and let’s plant Beech Seeds.

  • After you equip your Cultivator, press the right mouse button and pick Cultivate
  • Now clear the ground by clicking the left mouse button
  • Next, click the right mouse button again and pick Beech Sapling
  • With the left mouse button, plant it on your field

Below you can see a basic Valheim Beech field; however, keep in mind that you have to leave a small space between the saplings otherwise, your trees won’t get to maturity.

Valheim Beech Seeds How To Use
Use the seeds to grow your own forest

Beech Seeds Spawn Id Farming Cheat

Last but not least, you may want to know the Spawn Id for this type of seed, how to use it, or how to get infinite Beech Seeds in Valheim.

This, as usual, is quite simple if you know how to use an internal Id.

If not, here is what you need to do:

  • Press F5 to bring up the game’s console
  • Next, type imacheater to activate the Valheim Cheat Mode
  • Finally, type spawn BeechSeeds X where represents the amount you wish to get. For example, spawn BeechSeeds 50 spawns 50 units

And that’s it, friends. Now you know where to find Beech Seeds in Valheim, how to grow your trees, and also how to properly use this seed’s Id!

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