Valheim Black Metal Tower Shield: How To Unlock, Craft, Materials Locations, Styles & Colors

by Vlad
March 16, 2021

The Valheim Black Metal Tower Shield is a bigger version of the Black Metal Shield you can unlock in the video game developed by Iron Gate, and, just like the latter, one of the Valheim weapons you can craft once you find Black Metal.

Currently, the Black Metal Tower Shield has the highest block power in the game; however, this doesn’t mean that it’s the best shield in Valheim.

That’s because the high block power of this shield comes at a cost, and that cost translates into movement speed which is decreased by -20%.

As such, a lot of players consider the Valheim Tower Shield useless, especially when compared to the round variant made of the same metal.

Regardless, if you want to craft it and try it for yourself, throughout the following guide, I’ll tell you how to unlock it, how to get all Crafting Materials for it, its Spawn Id, and how to customize it (change its style and colors).

How To Unlock The Black Metal Tower Shield In Valheim

In Valheim, this item is described as “A tower shield of gleaming dark metal.”

You can see how it looks like in the following screenshot.

Valheim Black Metal Tower Shield How To Get Spawn Id
A Black Metal Tower Shield

To unlock it, as usual; you’ll need to find several Crafting Materials; or to process your first Black Metal Bar, get one unit of Fine Wood and a Chain.

Remember that these are required only for unlocking the Valheim Black Metal Tower Shield recipe, not to craft it, and on top of this, you also need a level three Forge.

Crafting Materials Locations

After you unlock the recipe, you’ll have to continue gathering the Crafting Materials required for this shield.

The good thing here; though, is that you need the same materials as those required for the round Black Metal Shield; which means that if you know how to get those, you’re set.

But in case you encounter difficulties in finding them, here is what you need:

Now, you’ll need to upgrade your Forge to level three; by building any three of the following improvements:

  • Forge Cooler
  • Anvils
  • Smith’s Anvil
  • Forge Toolrack
  • Forge Bellows
  • Grinding Wheel

How To Choose Your Black Metal Tower Shield Styles & Colors

Once you have all materials above, get close to the Forge and craft your shield; but if you wish to change its color or style, press the Styles button under the shield’s name.

You have to do this before crafting the actual shield.

In the screenshot below, you can see all Valheim Black Metal Tower Shield Styles.

Valheim Black Metal Tower Shield Styles Colors
Personalize your shield before crafting it

What Is The Black Metal Tower Shield Spawn Id

Assuming you don’t mind cheating and you want to get this shield without looking for all materials, you can use the Valheim Black Metal Tower Shield Spawn Id to make it spawn from thin air.

  • Press F5 to bring up the game’s console
  • Next, type imacheater to activate the Valheim Cheat Mode
  • Now, type spawn ShieldBlackmetalTower, and you’ll see the shield right in front of you

And that’s it, Viking. Now you know everything about this Tower Shield in Valheim!

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