Valheim Blackmetal Atgeir: How To Unlock, Craft & Materials Locations

by Vlad
March 16, 2021

Blackmetal Atgeir or Black Metal Atgeir is an advanced Valheim polearm, you can craft while playing the video game developed by Iron Gate.

The Valheim Blackmetal Atgeir is also the third Atgeir currently available in the video game, following the Bronze Atgeir and the Iron Atgeir.

Unlike the latter, though, the Black Metal Atgeir in Valheim is a bit trickier to get because it requires more advanced Crafting Materials.

So below, I’ll tell you, friends, how to unlock it, where to find all materials required for this two-handed weapon, how to craft it, and obviously how to instantly get one in case you need it fast.

How To Unlock The Blackmetal Atgeir In Valheim

“A vicious hewing-axe of almost unbreakable black metal” as it is described in Valheim; the Black Metal Atgeir is pretty impressive, even though some players consider it a bit slow.

You can see what it looks like in the picture below, and it is worth noting that since it is a two-handed weapon, you can’t equip it with a shield.

Valheim Black Metal Atgeir How To Get Spawn Id
The Black Metal Atgeir in Valheim

To unlock it or to be able to craft it, first, you’ll need to find a series of Crafting Materials.

Or, to keep it simple, you’ll need to chop 1 Fine Wood, smelt 1 Black Metal Bar, and craft 1 Linen Thread.

Remember that these materials are required only for unlocking the Valheim Blackmetal Atgeir recipe, not to craft it.

Last but not least, you’ll also need a level four Forge.

Black Metal Atgeir Crafting Materials Locations

Once you unlock the recipe, you’ll have to keep collecting the same materials until you reach the required amount for each of them.

Here is what you need and how to get them:

  • 10 Fine Wood – Simply chop Birch and Oak trees in the Meadows or Plains Biomes using a Bronze Axe or anything above it
  • 30 Black Metal – You can obtain this at a Blast Furnace from Black Metal Scraps. The scraps are dropped by Fulings in the Plains Biome. You’ll also need Coal; and in order to unlock the Blast Furnace, you’ll have to build an Artisan Table, which requires you to defeat Moder or the dragon boss
  • 5 Linen Thread – Process Flax at a Spinning Wheel. The wheel is unlocked along with the Blast Furnace, and Flax is obtained via farming or by gathering it from the fields around Fuling Villages

When you have all these materials in your inventory, focus on upgrading your Forge to level four by building any four of the following improvements next to it.

  • Forge Cooler
  • Anvils
  • Smith’s Anvil
  • Forge Toolrack
  • Forge Bellows
  • Grinding Wheel

Now, approach the Forge and craft your Blackmetal Atgeir while all the required materials are in your backpack.

Just as you see in my screenshot.

Valheim Blackmetal Atgeir Crafting
Time to do some crafting

What Is The Blackmetal Atgeir Spawn Id

If by any chance you want to get this weapon instantly, and you don’t mind cheating; you can use the Valheim Black Metal Atgeir Spawn Id:

  • Press F5 to bring up the game’s console
  • Next, type imacheater to activate the Valheim Cheat Mode
  • Now, type spawn AtgeirBlackmetal, and you’ll see the polearm falling from the sky

And that’s it, Viking. Now you know everything about the Blackmetal Atgeir in Valheim.

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