Valheim Boiling Death: How To Summon Third Boss & Cook Their Remains Runestone

by Vlad
February 23, 2021

Valheim Boiling Death Altar is the third main objective you have to complete, or if you want, it is the altar that you have to use in order to summon Bonemass, the third boss in the video game developed by Iron Gate.

The Boiling Death Altar in Valheim is connected not only to the actual boss but also to a Runestone that reads: Cook their remains.

As such, throughout the following guide, we will talk about the Valheim Bonemass boss, how to find him, and obviously how to summon him because unlike Eikthyr and The Elder, Bonemass is trickier.

What Is The Boiling Death In Valheim

The Boiling Death is a Valheim Altar similar to the Ancient Bowl we have used to deal with The Elder.

As you can see in the screenshot below, this Altar is inside the mouth of a skull located in the Swamp Biome.

Valheim Boling Death
The Boiling Death Summoning Altar in Valheim

The problem with this altar, though, is that you’ll have to find it, which is not as easy as you think. So let’s see the exact steps you need to follow in order to find the third Valheim boss or Bonemass.

How To Find Bonemass The Third Valheim Boss

As said, Bonemass is the trickiest boss; because, in order to summon him, you’ll need to find his location, which is random, but it has some requirements that I am going to list below.

Valheim Vegvisir Bonemass Runestons
While inside the Sunken Crypts, look for this runestone

Vegvisir Bonemass

By finding the Vegvisir Bonemass, you’ll be able to locate the third Valheim Boss on your map; however, keep in mind that not all Sunken Crypts include this runestone.

This means that you’ll need to explore more than one crypt if you can’t find it on your first try.

Assuming you found the Vegvisir Bonemass, record the location on your map, and you’ll find Bonemass and the Boiling Death Altar.

In case the altar is located on another island, you will be forced to build a Raft; however, you can also use the Valheim teleportation cheat code if you want to instantly get there.

Cook Their Remains Offerings

After you find the location of the third boss in Valheim, you will also find the summoning altar and the Cook Their Remains Runestone pictured below.

Valheim Cook Their Remains Runestone
Let’s cook them!

Obviously, this is another puzzle you need to solve, but the good thing is that, most likely, you already have the items for the offering.

So what does Cook Their Remains means?

The term, Remains refers to bones, and the bones you’ll need to cook are the Whitered Bones you already got by exploring the Swamp Crypts. And you’ll have to “cook” ten of them.

The Runestone is placed close to the skull or the Boiling Death Altar, so all you have to do is to equip the Whitered Bones to one of your quick slots, and then while standing in front of the altar, make the offering.

This is how you summon Bonemass or the third Valheim Boss.

Now, as usual, we won’t go into details on how to defeat Bonemass, but you may want to build a tower above his location and have a hole in the floor. Through that hole, you can fire a lot of Frost Arrows and nuke him.

But it’s up to you and your party to decide how to approach this one.

After you defeat Bonemass; however, there are two important items that he drops:

  • Wishbone – Used to find secret items such as Muddy Scrap Piles, Silver Veins, or Buried Treasures
  • Bonemass Trophy

How To Use Bonemass Trophy

The Bonemass Trophy, as you probably know by now, must be placed on a Sacrificial Stone to activate a new power.

The stone depicts a rather fat silhouette like the one in my screenshot.

Valheim Bonemass Trophy Sacrificial Stone
Place the Bonemass Trophy here

Place the Bonemass Trophy on it and activate its power to get the following perks:

  • Resistant VS Blunt
  • Resistant VS Slash
  • Resistance VS Pierce

And that’s it, friends! Now you know how to summon the third Valheim Boss using the Boiling Death Altar and what Cook Their Remains means, so now let’s focus on Yagluth.

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