Valheim Cheats & Cheat Codes: How To Teleport, Reveal Map, Become A God And More

by Vlad
February 13, 2021

If you want to cheat in Valheim, then knowing the best cheat codes is a must, and even though most players don’t enjoy cheating; since I have mentioned one of these in the guide on how to save your game, below we’ll go the extra mile and talk about all Valheim Cheats or Valheim Cheat codes you can use.

These codes will give you huge advantages while exploring the world in the video game developed by Iron Gate, and they allow you to do, well, basically everything you want.

From teleporting to revealing the whole map and everything else in between. Even becoming a God.

Not an actual Norse God, obviously, but a Viking so strong that nobody will be able to kill.

As usual, before we start this guide on how to cheat in Valheim, there are several things you may want to be aware of.

How To Cheat In Valheim And Play It Safe

The first thing you’ll need to know is that the Valheim cheats listed below are actually console commands, and this means that developers know about their existence; however, even so, you don’t want to ruin the experience of other players.

As such, I don’t encourage using these cheat codes in Valheim while playing with other people, and there are two reasons for this.

First, you’ll be strong enough to defeat every enemy even with your bare hands, meaning that you don’t need other players to do that.

And second, using cheats can and will affect the experience of other players, which is always a bad thing.

As such, reports will soon start to pile up, and this could lead to a ban.

Therefore, if you want to cheat in the video game, play it safe by creating another character and using it to play solo. You against the world. Trust me, it’s fun.

That’s all you have to do, and you may want to remember this the moment you start the game, and you want to cheat.

How To Use Cheats

Assuming you want to learn how to use cheats in Valheim, well, this is actually quite easy to do because you don’t need a Valheim trainer or additional software. You just have to type in some cheat codes, and that’s about it.

To do that, however, first, you’ll need to know how to use the console, and then you need to know how to activate the Cheat Mode in Valheim.

Let’s start with the first one. Keep in mind that all Valheim console commands below are case-sensitive, meaning that you’ll type them in exactly as they appear in this guide.

The very first thing you’ll want to do is to bring up the console. This is done with the push of a button. Or key. And that key is F5.

Press F5, and you’ll see the console on your screen. To exit the console, you’ll need to press Esc.

Good, so now that the console is up, it’s time to activate the Valheim Cheat Mode.

Simply type imacheater and then press Enter. On your screen, you should see the following message: Cheats: True. Just as you see below.

Valheim Cheats Codes How To Cheat
Activate the Cheat Mode first

Now, you need to know two things.

  • First, the command above is not an actual cheat code. It simply activates those listed below, but it is mandatory
  • Second, you’ll need to type this whenever you load the game. So if you take a break, log out, and then return to the game, you’ll have to type imacheater again.

Pretty easy, right? Good, so now let’s go over some of the best Valehim cheats. I tested most of them, and honestly, some are useless.

I’ll still list them at the bottom of the guide in case you want to try them as well.

Best Cheats

As said, after you activate the Cheat Mode in Valheim, you may want to try various commands, but I suggest using the following order.

God Mode Invulnerability Cheat Code

To become a God, you just have to ask. So, type god, and you’ll see another message: God Mode: True.

Basically, by using this cheat, your Viking won’t take any damage. Even if you fight a boss such as Eikthyr without any weapon and in your underwear, he won’t be able to kill you.

It will take time because your damage will be insignificant, but you can still beat him.

Keep in mind, though, that the Valheim God Mode cheat resets if you log out (as in, you’ll have to activate it again). Finally, you can see it off by typing god again.

Max Skills Cheats

The next cheat you may want to try is the one that basically increases certain skills. Here things are a bit different, but I’ll tell you how it works.

The command is raiseskill, followed by [skill] and [amount], where skill is the name of the skill you want to max out, and [amount] is a number you’ll need to type. This number signifies the number of skill points you want to add to a current skill.

So let’s say you want to increase your unarmed skill by 20. In this case, you’ll type raiseskill unarmed 20. Just as I did below.

Valheim How To Cheat

This command will help you get an additional 20 points to your current unarmed skill. Just so you know, the cap for a skill in Valheim is 100, so when you reach that amount, you won’t be able to increase it further.

Why is this command so awesome? Because by using it, you can max out your stamina, your damage with all weapons, your jumping, swimming, blocking, you name it. Assuming you want to max out your stamina in Valheim the moment you start the game, type raiseskill stamina 100, and you’re done.

Now, before we move to the next cheat, three things worth mentioning here:

  • This cheat code stacks, and by that, I mean that you don’t have to max out your skills once you return to the game
  • Assuming you want to reset skills, type resetskill [skill]. You don’t need to use a number here because this command resets the skill you want. Meaning that you’ll bring it to 0. If, for example, you use resetskill swords, your Viking’s swords skill is set to 0
  • You can see all skills you have unlocked by pressing Tab and then by navigating to the Skills tab

Reveal Map Cheat

The next command that I am sure you’ll love allows you to fully reveal the map.

It is extremely easy to use, and it’ll basically show you the world map. Just type exploremap, and the whole world will be revealed. The fog of war is also removed this way.

Just like the previous cheat, you don’t have to activate it every time you return to the game; but you can use resetmap, and all areas you explored will disappear.

Here is what your map should look like after using the Valheim map cheat.

Valheim Best Cheat Codes Cheats
The whole world is at your feet

Save Game Cheat

The next cheat is also very useful because you may remember that we discussed how to save your game, and we all know that the option is missing and you’ll need to log out if you want to do this, let’s say legally.

Well, if you type save, you’ll no longer have to worry about that save button because this cheat forces the game to save your progress.

These are the cheats that I consider most useful; however, there are a lot more, and I listed them below. Try them and see how they work.

All Cheat Codes

Keep in mind that you need to type these exactly as you see them, but you are free to change the variables if they exist.

  • pos – use this to print the coordinates of your current location. Very useful when teleporting because you can teleport even metal items
  • goto [x,z] – this cheat allows you to go anywhere. X and Z are the coordinates, and you can find them using the pos cheat above. Example goto 125,160
  • killall – use this if you want to kill all nearby enemies. Not all enemies on the map. Just those that are near you
  • tame – want to tame an animal? Try this one but do know that it works only with specific animals
  • hair – this cheat makes your Viking bald
  • beard – while this one removes his facial hair (if any)
  • location – using this command will help you set a new spawn location
  • freefly – toggles on/off the free-fly drone camera view
  • ffsmooth [0-1] – sets the smoothing of the free-fly camera (0 = no smoothing, 1 = full smoothing)
  • tod [0-1] or tod -1 – Sets the time of day. 0 and 1 are both midnights. 0.5 is noon. -1 resets the time of day
  • env [env] – sets debug environment
  • resetenv – resets the debug environment
  • wind [angle] [intensity] – sets the wind to the specified angle (0 is north) and a specified intensity from 0 to 1. Try: wind 90 1
  • resetwind – resets the wind to default
  • event [name] – this Valheim cheat starts a specified event. Are you ready to be hunted? Try event wolves. It’s also useful if you want to farm skins
  • stopevent – stops the current event
  • randomevent – starts a random event
  • resetcharacter – resets your character’s skills and inventory
  • removedrops – removes all item drops nearby
  • setkey [name] – sets new global key
  • resetkeys [name] – resets the specified key
  • listkeys – lists all global keys
  • players [nr] – sets the difficulty scaling based on the number of players. 1 player = no difficulty scaling. 0 resets to the actual number of players. Try players 100
  • dpsdebug – toggles damage-per-second debug overlay on/off

And that’s it! These are all Valheim cheats and cheat codes, available in Early Access and most likely in the final game as well.

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