Valheim Copper Location: Where To Find Deposits & How To Get Bars From Ore

by Vlad
February 18, 2021

Valheim Copper, just like the Tin we already discussed, is another metal you’ll need to mine from Copper Deposits in order to obtain Copper Ore.

The Copper in Valheim, luckily for all of us, is easier to find and the process to obtain Copper Bars is similar to the one for Tin Bars.

On top of that, there is also a method to mine Copper faster, and we will go over it as well in this guide in which I’m going to tell you everything you need to know about the Valheim Copper Ore, Deposits, and Bars.

How To Use Copper In Valheim

Obviously, before we discuss where to find Copper in Valheim, we need to know why this metal is so important.

Or, simply put, why do we need it.

Currently, Copper is required whenever you want to build a Forge, a Forge Cooler, or a Sconce. You also need it for Copper Knives; however, its true value is given by the fact that it’s an alloy just like Tin.

And as an alloy, you’ll need a lot of Copper when you want to craft anything that requires Bronze.

Along with Tin, Copper is required to craft Bronze Bars at the Forge, which means that you’ll also need it when you want to craft all items below:

  • Atgeir
  • Bronze Axe
  • Bronze Buckler
  • Cultivator
  • Bronze Helmet
  • Bronze Mace
  • Plate Cuirass
  • Bronze Nails
  • Bronze Pickaxe
  • Horned Bronze Helmet
  • Bronze Plate Leggings
  • Bronze Spear
  • Bronzehead arrow
  • Bronze Sword

How To Get Copper

In order to get Copper, first, you’ll need to find Deposits that allow you to mine Copper Ore. The whole process is fairly simple.

Where To Find Copper Deposits

Cooper Deposits can be found in the Black Forest Biome.

As you can see below, they are larger than Tin Deposits, and they have a specific color that can help you set them apart from normal rocks.

Valheim Copper Deposits Locations
A Copper Deposit in Valheim

As you can notice, the moment you approach the deposit, you can see that is clearly marked by a text. And now the process of mining begins.

Copper Mining

The first thing you’ll need in order to start mining Copper Ore in Valheim is to get a pickaxe, and this tool is obtained via crafting at the workbench.

The pickaxe recipe, however, must also be unlocked, and to do that, you’ll need to defeat the first boss named Eikthyr.

This requires your presence at the Eikthyr Mystical Altar, and once the boss is defeated, you’ll get the Hard Antler.

The Hard Antler unlocks the Antler Pickaxe that allows you to mine Stone, Copper, and Tin.

When mining Copper, it is important to remember that this metal and the deposit itself run deep underground.

Remember to dig or mine as deeper as you can, not only at the surface. A good idea here is to mine around the deposit’s edges and then continue to dig down, so the whole deposit will collapse inside the digging spot. This will save you quite some time.

What you’ll get from a Copper Deposit is Copper Ore like the one pictured below and Stone, but keep in mind that although it can’t be teleported via Portals, you can use this small Valheim Teleporting Cheat to bring it back to your settlement instantly.

Valheim Copper Ore Locations
You can get Copper Ore from Copper Deposits

How To Turn Copper Ore Into Copper Bars

Now that you know how to get Copper fast in Valheim, it’s time to process it into bars that represent the final product.

To do this, you’ll have to build a Smelter first, and then you’ll need to get Coal.

Next, while standing in front of the Smelter, add Copper Ore, then go around it to add Coal.

For each Valheim Copper Bar (see below) you’ll need 1 Coal per 15 seconds as fuel, and you’ll have to wait 31 seconds.

How To Get Copper in Valehim
A Smelter producing Copper Bars

And that’s it, friends! Now you know how to find, mine, and process Copper in Valheim, the video game developed by Iron Gate.

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