Valheim Eikthyr Mystical Altar Guide

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February 13, 2021

Valheim Eikthyr Mystical Altar is the first main objective you must complete when you start the video game developed by Iron Gate, while Eikthyr is the first boss you’ll need to defeat. The Eikthyr Mystical Altar in Valheim also includes a small puzzle you’ll need to solve, and although it’s not hard to decipher, completing the required task is quite challenging.

In fact, after defeating the Valheim Eikthyr boss, I noticed that summoning him is a lot harder than it looks. So, below, I will tell you how to solve the Valheim Eikthyr Mystical Altar puzzle, what offer items you need, and hopefully, I’ll help you save some time in the process.

As such, let’s start with the Valheim Eikthyr Altar that Hugin reveals for you. Since the game world is randomly generated, there is no point in talking about its location, but it is in the Meadows.

What Is the Eikthyr Runestone in Valheim

The Valheim Eikthyr Runestone pictured below offers hints on summoning the first boss in the video game.

Valheim Eikthyr Runestone

It may look confusing, but it’s not, and all you have to do is pay close attention to it. As you can see above, the runestone features a deer on top of it. Basically, that’s all you need to know, but there is also a confusing hint because if you read the runestone, you’ll see the following translated message: Hunt his skin.

Now, you may think that you’ll need to hunt deer skins for the Valheim Eikthyr Altar, but that’s not what you need to do. You’ll need something else to summon the first boss, such as deer trophies.

How To Get Deer Trophies for the Eikthyr Mystical Altar

Now, as said, getting deer trophies in Valheim is a bit trickier, and here is why. First, hunting deer may sound easy, but it is not since you have only two options early in the game. You can use a bow to shoot them or run after them and attempt a melee attack.

The problem is that deer are not as easy to kill as you think. So you need to increase your running skill by running as much as possible, or you can focus on unlocking the crafting table and then getting your first bow.

Once you do that, you’ll want to use that bow as much as possible. And since a bow is useless without arrows, you’ll need crafting materials. Hence, the first option (meleeing deer) is a bit faster. Obviously, you can focus on leveling your skills and focus on exploration as you see fit, but the idea here is the same. You either run fast enough, or you become a skilled archer.

Finally, there is one more thing to consider. And that’s the deer trophies drop rates. Or, simply put, not every deer drops a deer trophy in Valheim. This means you’ll need to hunt more than two to get the required number of deer trophies for the Valheim Eikthyr Mystical Altar. Even though you need only two deer trophies.

How To Summon the Eikthyr Boss

Now, assuming that you managed to get two Valheim deer trophies (you can see them below), it’s time to return to the altar.

Valheim Eikthyr Mystical Altar

These two items are basically the Eikthyr Mystical Altar offer items or offerings if you want. To summon the boss, you’ll need to equip them first. Simply drag them from your inventory to the upper bar, then approach the altar and press the corresponding key to offer items at the Eikthyr Mystical Altar.

I won’t go into details on how to beat Eikthyr, but so you know, he’s pretty powerful and has three different attacks. If you want to see how powerful Eikthyr is, you can start a new game, and while playing alone, you can use the Valheim cheats we discussed earlier.

Simply maximize your stamina, activate God Mode, hunt deer until you have two deer trophies, then summon him. This method lets you learn more about this boss so you can prepare for the real deal. Once you defeat Eikthyr (preferably without cheating), you’ll loot several items.

  • Hard Antler – Unlocks the Antler Pickaxe crafting recipe allowing you to mine Stone, Copper, and Tin
  • Eikthyr Trophy – Which is some sort of a quest item

The Hard Antlers are important, but the trophy is the real prize here. Here is what you have to do with the Eikthyr Trophy in Valheim.

How To Use Eikthyr’s Trophy

With the trophy in your inventory, you must return to the Sacrificial Stones. These stones are marked on your map. There are 5 of them, meaning there are 5 Valheim bosses so far. Travel to the Sacrificial Stones, then look for the small one. It has a stag engraved on it, and it looks like the one below.

Valheim Eikthyr Sacrificial Stone

Move around until you see the option to attach the item by pressing E. Once you do that, you’ll learn more about the Eikthyr power. This power, however, must be activated and has a cooldown period. Nevertheless, reducing your stamina consumption and jumping stamina usage by 60% occasionally is pretty nice.

Just remember to activate the power once you place the trophy. And that’s it, Viking! That’s how you summon the first boss and deal with the Valheim Eikthyr Mystical Altar, so how about facing The Edler next?

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