Valheim Elder Ancient Bowl: How To Summon Second Boss & Burn Their Young Runestone

by Vlad
February 17, 2021

The Valheim Elder Ancient Bowl is the second main objective you’ll need to focus on after you deal with Eikthyr or the first boss in the video game developed by Iron Gate.

Similar to Eikthyr’s Mystical Altar, The Elder Ancient Bowl features a small puzzle, and in order to summon The Elder or the second boss, you’ll have to solve another riddle.

As such, below, I’ll tell you how to use the Valheim Ancient Bowl, what items you have to burn, and where to find them.

The Elder Ancient Bowl is found in the Black Forest biome, just like the Eikthyr Mystical Altar is found in the Meadows biome.

What Is The Elder Runestone In Valheim

Once you arrive at the location marked on your map, you’ll find The Elder Sacrificial Altar, which is a bit different from the previous one.

If you look around, you’ll see an Ancient Bowl burning in the middle and a Runestone that looks like the one below.

Valheim Elder Runestone
Pay close attention to the Elder Runestone

Approach the Runestone and read it to notice the following message: Burn their young.

From the previous altar, you may remember that these runestones provide hints on the items that must be offered in order to summon a boss.

This one is no different. But what does Burn their young mean in Valheim?

Well, it refers to offspring. Or, if you want, seeds. In our case, we are talking about Ancient Seeds.

How To Get Ancient Seeds For The Elder Ancient Bowl

Luckily for us, the Valheim Ancient Seeds don’t require too much effort since they come from multiple sources.

The bad thing, though, is that the drop rate is terrible, meaning that you’ll spend quite some time to get the required number which is 3.

Therefore here is where to find Ancient Seeds in Valheim.

The best sources for the Valheim Ancient Seeds are the Greydwarf Spawners like the one you see below.

Valheim Greydwarf Nests
Look for Greydwarf Nests

The Greydwarf Nests have a 100% Ancient Seeds drop rate, meaning that once destroyed, a nest provides one Ancient Seed.

To find these, circle around the Elder Altar in the Black Forest.

The second best source is represented by the Greydwarf Brutes and Greydwarf Shamans (pictured below).

Valheim Greydwarf Shaman
Greydwarf Brutes and Greydwarf Shamans also drop Ancient Seeds

These enemies spawn in the Black Forest biome, and they are easy to identify; however, they are also the hardest to kill. Especially the Brutes.

The drop rate here is below 100%, meaning that not all of them will provide Ancient Seeds, but they spawn constantly.

And finally, you can get Ancient Seeds from random chests, and these are the worst sources, not only because they are rare but the drop chance is also terrible.

How To Summon The Elder Boss

Now, after you get 3 Ancient Seeds, it’s time to get back to the Ancient Bowl in Valheim and make the offering.

Simply equip the Ancient Seeds by dragging them to the upper bar, then approach the bowl and press the corresponding key to burn them.

Valheim Ancient Seeds
These are the Ancient Seeds you’ll need to burn

Remember that you need 3 seeds to summon the Elder.

Again we won’t go into details on how to defeat the Elder, but you may want to try some fire arrows, or obviously, you can create a new character and try using the God Mode Valheim cheat to observe the Elder’s attacks.

This boss drops the following items:

How To Use Elder Trophy

Upon obtaining the Elder Trophy, you’ll have to go back to the Sacrificial Stones.

Place it on the tallest stone (pictured below) in order to get a new Power.

Valheim Elder Trophy
Take the Elder Trophy to the Sacrificial Stones

Unlike Eikthyr’s Power, this one is focused on increasing the speed when cutting wood.

Make sure you activate it but keep in mind that you can have only one power equipped; so whenever you want to switch between them, you’ll have to return to the Sacrificial Stones.

And that’s it! That’s how you summon The Elder boss and how you use the Valheim Ancient Bowl, so how about we talk about Bonemass next?

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