Valheim Fine Wood Location: Where To Find & How To Get

by Vlad
February 19, 2021

The Valheim Fine Wood is a crafting resource that can become problematic when it comes to finding it, especially because in order to get Fine Wood in Valheim, you’ll need to advance a bit and build some key structures and items.

Since many players asked me how to get Fine Wood in Valheim, today I’ll tell you everything you need to know about it and the best sources for Fine Wood in the video game developed by Iron Gate.

We will start with the basics, then we will go in-depth with this crafting material.

So if you want to know where to find Fine Wood in Valheim, you’re in the right spot.

How To Use The Valheim Fine Wood

Before we talk about the best and hopefully fastest ways to get Fine Wood, below you’ll find the list of items and structures that require this type of wood.

As you can see, this list is quite big, and that’s because Fine Wood is a very important crafting material. Luckily for us, is not so hard to get once you know what you have to do.

Here are all items you can craft using Fine Wood:

And here are all buildings and structures that require Fine Wood:

  • Adze
  • Bench
  • Black Banner
  • Blast Furnace
  • Blue Banner
  • Bonfire
  • Chair
  • Dragon Bed
  • Fermenter
  • Forge Cooler
  • Green Banner
  • Item Stand
  • Karve
  • Longship
  • Personal Chest
  • Portal
  • Raven Throne
  • Red Banner
  • Reinforced Chest
  • Spinning Wheel
  • Stool
  • Table
  • Tool Shelf
  • Ward
  • White & Red Striped Banner
  • Wood Dragon Adornment

How To Get Fine Wood

Now, if you pay close attention to the list above, you can notice that there are a lot of items that require this type of wood, but there is also a lot of Fine Wood in Valheim, even though there are three main sources.

So where can you find Fine Wood? The long answer short here is the Black Forest and Meadows Biomes, although the Plains is also a good spot.

Obviously, this type of wood is not as common as the Normal Wood you can gather from branches when you start the game. Because, well, it’s better, so you’ll have to work a bit to get it.

And this type of work requires a specific tool. Or axe if you want.

Before we talk about the axe, let’s go over the sources.

In Valheim, there are two types of trees that provide Fine Wood.

Birch Tree Fine Wood

The first one (pictured below) is the Birch Tree.

Valheim Birch Trees Locations
A Birch Tree in Valheim

This type of tree can be found in the Meadows mostly, and it’s quite easy to identify because of its white bark.

What you should know about Birch Trees is that they provide both Fine Wood and Normal Wood, and even though the exact percentage is currently unknown, you’ll always get 20 units of wood in total.

In order to chop the Valheim Birch Trees, you need a Bronze Axe or anything above it. This means that you need to get Bronze.

Oak Tree Fine Wood

The second type of tree that provides Fine Wood is the Oak (also pictured below).

Valheim Oak Trees Locations
An Oak Tree in Valheim

Valheim Oak Trees can also be found in the Meadows Biome, and they are even easier to identify because they have a wide trunk and a very large crown.

Because of their sizes, Oak Trees yield even more wood than Birch Trees.

Again you’ll also get Normal Wood, but this time the total number of units is 50.

And as you can guess, only a Bronze Axe or anything better than that can help you chop Oak Trees in Valheim.

Black Forest Shipwrecks

And finally, we have the third Fine Wood source, which is the shipwrecks found on the coasts of the Black Forest.

These are quite rare but easy to spot because they are close to the water, and when you destroy them, they provide Fine Wood.

Even though you can focus on finding them, the process is quite slow. Instead, you may want to find and chop Birch and Oak Trees.

And this brings us to the next section.

How To Chop Birch & Oak Trees

The whole process is quite straightforward, but the trick here is to get the required tool, which (as mentioned above) is the Bronze Axe.

As such, you need to know the steps that will unlock it, so you don’t waste time in the process. Here is what you have to do:

If you follow all these steps, you’ll get the Valheim Bronze Axe in no time.

You can see it below, and this specific axe is all you need to start chopping or cutting Oak Trees and Birch Trees in Valheim.

Valheim Fine Wood Location
The Fine Wood in Valheim is worth all the trouble

Fine Wood Farming

Last but not least, you should know that a lot of players use the kitting method to farm Fine Wood in Valheim, and even though it is a fast process, it’s also a bit dangerous.

If you want to try it, I suggest activating the God Mode cheat first and also force save the game; otherwise, things can get pretty messy.

The idea behind the farming method is not groundbreaking, and it is something a lot of MMORPG fans do for quite some time.

Simply put, you’ll need to kite a Troll around and force him to destroy the trees mentioned above.

Why a Troll? Because Trolls have powerful attacks that deal a lot of damage in a large area.

So, their attacks will put down all nearby trees faster than your Viking.

The problem here is that you also have to avoid those attacks because they can damage you a lot. That’s why you may want to play around with it while the God Mode is active.

If you manage to learn this Valheim Fine Wood Farming technique, you won’t even need a Bronze Axe because the Troll will do the “chopping” for you.

And that’s it, Viking! Now you know how to get Fine Wood in Valheim and also how to farm it, so let’s talk about Ancient Bark next.

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