Valheim Inventory Weight Limit: How To Increase Capacity & Carry More Items

by Vlad
March 2, 2021

Increasing the Valheim Inventory Weight Limit is something that you’ll want to do the moment you start establishing your new settlement in the survival video game developed by Iron Gate Studio, as this limit allows you to carry more items and resources.

In order to expand your inventory in Valheim, however; you’ll need to get a specific item, which is not so easy to find; hence below, we’ll cover this aspect, and I am going to tell you what you have to do if you want to carry more items in your backpack.

Additionally, we will also talk about a cheat you can use to increase your inventory capacity in Valheim.

What Is The Valheim Inventory Weight Limit

So, the first thing you’ll need to understand is how the Valheim backpack works and what is the Weight Limit.

This term refers to the maximum weight your character can handle before he becomes encumbered, as you can see below.

Valheim Encumbered State
A character becomes encumbered when the weight limit is reached

In this state, your Viking won’t be able to run, thus, he will only walk, and eventually, he won’t be able to move at all.

This state applies when the backpack weight capacity is reached.

Since all items in Valheim have a specific weight, you can imagine that the limit of your inventory will be reached quite fast, and early in the game, this limit is 300.

To check how much weight you have left until you become encumbered, open your backpack by pressing Tab, and you’ll see an icon looking like a real weight on the right side.

You can see it in the screenshot below, and you can also see that the Bronze Plate Cuirass that my Viking is using has a weight of 10.

Valheim Weight Limit Increase
The initial weight limit is 300

It’s also worth mentioning that the total weight your Viking carries includes all items you collect as well as the items you have equipped. Or, simply put, the heavier your armor is, the faster you’ll reach the initial weight limit of 300.

The good thing is that the Valheim Weight Capacity can be increased.

How To Increase The Weight Limit

In order to increase your Valheim Weight Limit or your backpack’s capacity, you’ll need to buy a specific item named Megingjord, which is a belt and a unique item.

Since the Megingjord belt “gives the wearer superhuman strength”; you can imagine that it’s not so easy to find, mainly because it’s sold by our friendly trader Haldor.

On top of this, the belt costs 950 Coins.

You can see the Valheim Megingjord belt in the image below. Notice that it is equipped, and the weight limit was increased by 150, so basically, this character can carry a total weight of 450 instead of 300.

Valheim Incventory Capacity Increase
You can increase your inventory’s capacity to 450

One important aspect to outline here is that by increasing the inventory capacity in Valheim, you won’t get more slots, but you’ll be able to carry more weight.

Good, so now we have two additional aspects that must be clarified in order to get this amazing belt: Haldor and the 950 Coins we need to pay.

Where To Find Haldor

In Valheim, Haldor (or the trader in the image below) spawns randomly, so he doesn’t have a fixed location. However, he seems to enjoy the Black Forest Biome.

Assuming you play with friends, it will be easier to find him since you and your party can explore the map faster.

But if you play alone, things will go a bit slower, so you may want to refer to the cheat below.

Valheim Amber Trading
Let’s do some trading

How To Get 950 Coins For The Megingjord Belt

Assuming you already found Haldor, you’ll need to get your hands on 950 Coins.

This is a bit easier than finding the trader because you have multiple options to get Coins in Valheim:

How To Carry More Items

Once you get the required amount of Coins, all you have to do is to approach Haldor and interact with him.

Select the Megingjord belt from his inventory and hit Buy. Again you can see this item below.

Valheim Megingjord Belt
Buy the Megingjord Belt from Haldor

Finally, equip your Megingjord Belt to increase the weight limit; however, keep in mind that this unique item can’t be used along with the Wishbone you get from the Bonemass Coss.

Inventory Capacity Cheat

If by any chance, you want to get the Megingjord belt the moment you start the game, you can use several Valheim Cheats or console commands.

Simply follow these steps, and you’ll get it instantly:

  • Press F5 to bring up the game console
  • Next type imacheater to activate Cheat Mode
  • Now type spawn Haldor and the trader will appear in front of you
  • Finally, type spawn Coins 950, and you’ll be able to see a lot of coins falling from the sky

Pick up the Coins, and use them to buy the Megingjord Belt and increase your Valheim inventory weight capacity.

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