Valheim Silver Necklaces Locations: How To Get & Use

by Vlad
March 3, 2021

Silver Necklaces are Valheim valuables similar to Amber Pearls, Amber, and Rubies, which means that they can’t be used in crafting but only for trading.

Furthermore, the Valheim Silver Necklace is the most expensive item you can trade; therefore, it is worth knowing where to find them and why you should always get these while playing the video game developed by Iron Gate.

Additionally, if you follow this guide, you’ll also learn how to get unlimited Silver Necklaces in Valheim.

How To Use The Valheim Silver Necklace

In order to turn this item into Coins, first, you’ll have to find Haldor.

The NPC in the image below, however, doesn’t have a fixed location, which means you have two options when it comes to finding him.

Valheim Silver Necklaces ocations How To Use
Bring all your Silver Necklaces to Haldor

The easiest way is to use the spawn Haldor console command, which basically is a cheat that summons Haldor anywhere on the map.

This, though, may not please your friends, and in this case, you’ll need to use the legit method.

And here, things get complicated because since Haldor spawns randomly, it means that you’ll have to explore all areas until you find him.

However, according to many Valheim players, Haldor is usually found in the Black Forest Biomes, so make sure you start with those.

Once you find Haldor, just approach him and hit the sell button to turn your Silver Necklace(s) into Coins.

For each Valheim Silver Necklace you sell, you’ll receive 30 Coins.

Where To Find Silver Necklaces

Valheim Silver Necklaces have specific locations. Outside, you won’t be able to find them in random chests unless they are buried.

This means that you’ll need the Wishbone dropped by Bonemass or the third boss.

Valheim Wishbone
Use the Wishbone to locate buried chests

Alternatively, you can look for these items in the following Biomes:

  • Meadows – Check the Stone Graves and Viking Graveyards
  • Mountains – Inside Graves

Infinite Silver Necklaces Cheat

Assuming you need Silver Necklaces instantly, you can opt to use a console command or a cheat.

To do so, simply follow these steps:

  • Press F5 to bring up the game’s console
  • Next, type imacheater to activate the Valheim Cheat Mode
  • Finally, type spawn SilverNecklace X where represents the number of Silver Necklaces you wish to get. For example, spawn SilverNecklace 50 awards you 50 Necklaces, as you can see in the first image above

Remember that this farming method is an alternative to the Infinite Money Cheat and has the same results.

Essentially, instead of getting infinite coins, you get infinite necklaces that are turned into coins.

And that’s it, friends. Now you know where to find Silver Necklaces in Valheim and how to use them.

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