Valheim Smelter: How To Build & Use

by Vlad
February 16, 2021

The Valheim Smelter, just like the Cooking Station, is a mandatory structure you’ll have to build in order to get bars of refined metals that can be used at the Forge.

The Smelter in Valheim is a bit trickier to use, but below I’ll tell you what you have to do in order to smelt metals in Valheim. Once you learn how to use the Smelter, you’ll be able to start producing bars from various ores.

Before we start, though, if you wonder how to unlock the Smelter, then you should know that this is achieved when you find your first Surtling Core.

How To Build A Smelter In Valheim

Obviously, in order to build a Smelter, you’ll need a Workbench and a Hammer, which we already covered in our crafting & building guide.

Then, as said, you’ll need to unlock this building by finding a Surtling Core. This material is usually acquired from the Burial Chambers.

Once you get one, you’ll unlock the Smelter, but you’ll need 5 Surtling Cores in order to build it.

By fully exploring a Burial Chamber, you should be able to get the required amount, but in case you want to skip this step, there is a method to farm Surtling Cores from Surtlings.

Keep in mind, though, that this farming method only works if you use one of the Valheim Cheats.

Finally, you’ll need 20 stones which can be found through exploration.

Now with these items in your inventory, find a spot to place your Smelter, but do know that this building is a bit large.

The good thing here is that you don’t need a roof above it, so you are free to place it outside your main building if you want.

To build the Smelter, equip your Hammer, then right-click to open the building menu.

Navigate to the Crafting tab and select the Smelter.

Finally, place it on the ground. It should look like this.

Valheim Smelter
A brand new Smelter

How To Smelt

Currently, the Smelter supports 4 types of ores:

To smelt them, however, you need to know to use the Smelter in Valheim, which, as I said, can be a bit tricky to figure out.

While facing the building, go around it to find a small orifice like the one in my screenshot.

Valheim Smelter How To Use
Add Coal here

Here you’ll have to add your Coal which is obtained in several ways.

You can get Coal from random chests or by overcooking food at the Cooking Station.

Additionally, it is also dropped by Surtlings, or it can be produced in the Charcoal Kiln using wood.

After you add Coal, go to the front of the Smelter and place your ores.

All Smelting Recipes & Times

Since the video developed by Iron Gate is in Early Access, you can only smelt 4 types of ores at this point.

Below you can see the full list of ores and the bars that can be produced by your Smelter.

  • Copper Ore – Is smelted into Copper. Each bar requires 1 Copper Ore and 3 Coal
  • Tin Ore – Is smelted into Tin. Each bar requires 1 Tin Ore and 3 Coal
  • Scrap Iron – Is smelted into Iron. Each bar requires 1 Scrap Iron and 3 Coal
  • Silver Ore – Is smelted into Silver. Each bar requires 1 Silver Ore and 3 Coal

Last but not least, you should know that the smelting time is the same for all ores, as in 25 seconds/unit.

And that’s it! Now you know how the Valheim Smelter works.

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