Valheim Surtling Cores Locations: Where To Find & How To Get

by Vlad
February 15, 2021

Surtling Core is a Valheim resource used to build some key structures that allow you to improve your equipment and unlock new recipes in the video game developed by Iron Gate.

Unlike Flint, for example, the Valheim Surtling Cores are a bit trickier to get, meaning that they require some fighting, as well as your presence in dangerous places.

So, if you’re asking where to find Surtling Cores in Valheim, well, we will talk about them below, and I’ll tell you where to look for them.

But first, let’s see why Surtling Cores are so important for you and your Viking.

How To Use Surtling Cores In Valheim

This crafting material is connected to smelting, which is pretty important because it unlocks a series of items that will help you move from the Stone Age to the Iron Age. Most likely, you’ll start looking for them after you deal with the first boss named Eikthyr.

These buildings are:

As you can see below, the Smelter and the Charcoal Kiln (used to produce Coal) require 5 Surtling Cores each, while the Portal requires 2 and the Ward only 1.

Valheim Smelter Materials
The Smelter requires 5 Surtling Core

Now, even though the number of cores you need is quite small, it doesn’t hurt to know where to get them.

This brings us to the next question.

Where To Find Surtling Core

There are three methods to get Surtling Cores in Valheim, but not all of them are good.

The worst source is represented by the chests you’ll find in various places.

Sometimes these chests may contain cores, but since we all know how rare they are, and because of the drop rate, looking for Surtling Cores in chests is the worst thing you can do.

The second method involves finding and defeating Surtlings.

In case you did not reach the Swamp yet, these are some type of fire creatures that throw fireballs at you and deal damage over time.

You’ll find them close to fire geysers and Rune Stones. As said in the Swamp.

The good thing here is that the Surtling Cores are guaranteed drops, but the bad thing is that these creatures know how to put up a good fight.

So, we have one final method to get Surtling Cores in Valheim: the Burial Chambers.

If you just started the game and don’t know what a Burial Chamber is, then you should know that these are small dungeons that can be found underground.

A Valheim Burial Chamber looks like this.

Valheim Burial Chambers
Look for Burial Chambers

Once you find a Burial Chamber, head inside and fully explore it.

Obviously, you should expect some enemies; but the idea here is that these are the best locations to find Surtling Cores in Valheim.

As you can see below, a Surtling Core looks like a cube made of lava.

Valheim Surtling Cores Locations
This is what you are looking for

Keep in mind, though, that once explored and looted, the enemies and the items inside a Burial Chamber won’t respawn, so that dungeon is useless once you are done with it.

Surtling Cores Farming

Since this type of resource is also dropped by enemies, you can farm it; however, this requires you to use a specific Valheim cheat.

Without going into details, since we already covered all Valheim cheats and cheat codes, you’ll need to trigger an event if you wish to get infinite Surtling Cores in Valheim.

The event you’ll want to start or the command line you should use is event surtlings.

This cheat will spawn 8 or more Surtlings around you (regardless of your location), and since these enemies drop cores, it means that you can get as many as you want.

And that’s it, friends. Now you know where to find Surtling Cores in Valheim!

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