Valheim Teleport Cheat: How To Move Tin, Copper, Iron, Silver & Black Metal

by Vlad
February 25, 2021

Valheim‘s teleportation system may not be the best feature in the video game developed by Iron Gate, but understanding how it works is mandatory; while we will not discuss Portals, in the guide below, I’ll tell you how the Valheim Teleporting Cheat works, and why it is so cool to use it.

As you most likely know, in order to move from one point to another in Valheim, you need to build Portals.

These structures are unlocked when you collect your first Fine Wood.

Upon unlocking the Valheim Portal recipe, you’ll need the following materials to build one:

Next, you’ll need the same amount of crafting materials to build another Portal and connect it to the first one. This is done by setting the same tag for both portals. Let’s say “home1”.

Now your portals are connected, and you can teleport between them. Except that sometimes you can’t, as you can see below.

Valheim An Item Prevents You From Teleporting
You can’t move between Portals when this message appears

An Item Prevents You From Teleporting

When the message above appears on your screen, it means that you can’t step through a Portal.

Why is that? Or what does “An item prevents you from teleporting” mean in Valheim?

This means that one of the objects in your inventory doesn’t allow you to fast travel. And that item, in my case, was a Tin Bar; however, there are other items that will deny your teleportation.

Below, you can see the list of all Valheim items that can’t be teleported or items that won’t allow you to fast travel using Portals.

You can see that the list of items and crafting materials is quite long, and these objects complicate things a bit because you’ll have to carry them back to your base using a Longship if they are on another island or simply by walking back to your main settlement.

Now, since the amount of crafting materials you’ll have to gather in the game is quite impressive, let’s see how the Vaheim Teleporting Cheat works; because, as you know, there are several console commands you can use.

How To Use The Valheim Teleport Cheat For Teleporting Everything

From the beginning, it’s worth mentioning that this cheating method also works while playing with friends; however, it is recommended that you use it in single-player mode for obvious and ethical reasons.

Activating Cheat Mode

Valheim Cheat Mode
Activate Cheat Mode first

The first thing you’ll want to do is to return to your main settlement and activate the Valheim Cheat Mode:

  • Press F5 to bring up the console
  • Type imacheater 
  • Now you’ll see a short message: Cheats: True
  • Additionally, you can activate the God Mode by typing god. This step, however, is not mandatory but recommended

Recording Your Settlement’s Coordinates

The next step is to record your settlement’s location. Or to know your Valheim coordinates because you will use them to teleport back.

  • Open your console again by pressing F5
  • Type pos to see three varialbes: X, Y, Z

The trick here is quite easy to understand. The pos command tells you where your character is located, and since my character is inside the settlement, it means that both of them have the same coordinates.

After you type the pos command, the only variables you need to remember are X, and Z. If needed, write them down. In this case, X is -379, and Z is -392.

Valheim Teleport Cheat
Type pos to find the exact location of your settlement

Find The Materials You Want To Farm & Teleport

Now that you know where you have to return, it’s time to go after the materials you need. If let’s say, you want to farm Copper, you’ll go to a Black Forest biome.

Once you find the spot where the resource is located, you’ll once again record its location by typing pos.

To better understand this, in the image below, you can see my character in front of a Copper deposit.

The X and Z coordinates of this deposit are -477 and -592.

Valheim Teleporting Cheat
Find the spot to farm and record its location

Obviously, the next step is to stock up on the resources you need. In this example, we are talking about Copper, which you may remember can’t be teleported according to its description.

Except that it can. And not only Copper. All Valheim crafting materials can be teleported, including Tin, Iron, Silver, and Black Metal. Simply by using this cheat.

How To Teleport Everything (Tin, Copper, Iron, Silver & Black Metal)

Now that we have the maximum amount of Copper that my character can carry; is time to get back to the settlement using the coordinates we have found earlier.

  • Press F5 again to open the console
  • Type goto x,z where X and Z are the coordinates of your settlement. In my example, these coordinates, as explained, are -379 and -392. This means that the console command I had to use is goto -379,-392 

As you can see in the image below, this command allows you to instantly teleport in Valheim along with all materials that can’t be teleported by normal means or through Portals.

Valheim Teleporting Cheat Codes
Back we go

Finally, after unloading the goods, you can return to the same spot and keep farming. This is done using the second set of coordinates. For this example, the Copper deposit is located at -477 and -592. So the next command in my case is goto -477,-592 

And that’s it, friends! Now you know how the Valheim Teleporting Cheat works and also how to teleport basically everything at any given time, even if you are on the other side of the map.

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