Valheim Yagluth Offering Bowl: How To Summon Fourth Boss, Offer Items & Location

by Vlad
March 14, 2021

Valheim Yagluth Offering Bowl is the fourth main objective you have to complete while playing the video game developed by Iron Gate, while Yagluth is the fourth boss you’ll need to face.

The Yagluth Mystical Altar in Valheim also includes a small puzzle you’ll need to figure out, and although it’s quite accessible, below, I’ll tell you everything you need to know about it.

As such, let’s start with the Valheim Yagluth location you’ll have to find; or with the Valheim Vegvisir Yagluth because this specific Runestone reveals the boss’s exact position.

What Is The Vegvisir Yagluth In Valheim

Valheim Yagluth Vegvisir, you see below is a Runestone and your first objective while searching for this specific boss.

Valheim Yagluth Vegvisir Location
Find the Yagluth Vegvisir to find the boss

Obviously, this Runestone spawns randomly, so there is no way to pinpoint it, which means that you’ll have to do some exploration.

The good thing, though, is that it’s a bit easier to find if we compare it to, let’s say, the Bonemass Vegvisir simply because it’s on the surface.

So start your journey towards this boss in the Plains Biome looking for a Runestone like the one above.

Usually, this Valheim Vegvisir is found in the middle of a circle of stones similar to Stonehenge, so it’s quite easy to spot from distance.

Once you locate it, approach the Vegvisir and press E to mark Yagluth’s location.  If you open your map, you’ll notice that he is found in the Plains Biome.

Good, so now it’s time to deal with the Altar and learn how to summon Yagluth.

How To Get Fuling Totems For The Yagluth Offering Bowl

When you approach the location of Yagluth, you’ll find two objects you can interact with, as you can see below.

Valheim Yagluth Offering Bowl
The Offering Bowl that will help you summon Yagluth

The first one is an Offering Bowl, and the second one is another Runestone with the following engraving: And his dying soul was split and shared among all his kin.

This Runestone is actually a puzzle you’ll have to solve, and once you do that, you’ll know what items must be placed on the Yagluth Offering Bowl. And these items happen to be Fuling Totems.

In case you just arrived in the Plains Biome, the Fuling Totems are pretty easy to find simply by exploring the said biome looking for Fuling Villages.

A Fuling is a creature similar to a Goblin, and although the required Totems can be dropped by Fuling Berserkers, your best chance is to look for them on top of posts. Just like the one in my screenshot.

Valheim Fuling Totems Locations
Get 5 Fuling Totem from the Fuling villages in the Plains Biome

The idea here is to get 5 Fuling Totems, then return to the Offering Bowl.

How To Summon Yagluth Boss

Good, so now we have the required items, which means that it’s time to make the offering.

Return to the Offering Altar and while carrying the totems in your backpack, interact with the small holes on top of the said altar.

Place all five Fuling Totems as in my screenshot, then hit E while facing the small Runestone in front of the Altar.

Valheim Yagluth Mystical Altar Offer Items
Place the totems in the slots to summon Yagluth

Now, the offering is complete, and you just summoned Yagluth.

As usual, I won’t go into details on how to defeat Yagluth, but you may want to try using Frost arrows and also drink some Fire Resistance Barley Wine before engaging this boss.

Taking cover behind the stone pillars is also a good idea.

Regardless, once you defeat Yagluth, you’ll loot several items.

  • Yagluth Thing – This is a placeholder with no use in the current version of the game (0.146.11)
  • Yagluth Trophy – Which is a quest item

Here is what you have to do with the Yagluth Trophy in Valheim.

How To Use Yagluth Trophy

With the trophy in your inventory, you’ll need to return to the Sacrificial Stones.

These stones are marked on your map, as you know from the other bosses, so travel to the Sacrificial Stones, then look for the one with a skeleton head engraved on it.

Valheim Yagluth Trophy How To Use
Take the trophy back to the Sacrificial Stones

Move around until you see the option to attach the item by pressing E.

Place Yagluth’s Trophy, and once you do that, you’ll learn more about Yagluth’s Power which offers the following perks:

  • Damage modifier: Resistant VS Fire
  • Damage modifier: Resistant VS Frost
  • Resistance VS magic damage and lightning damage.
  • Damage modifier: Resistant VS Lightning

And that’s it, Viking! That’s how you summon the fourth boss and deal with the Valheim Yagluth Offering Bowl and Mystical Altar.

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