Atlas Fallen True Freedom: Where To Find the Missing Unnamed Clues

by Vlad
August 21, 2023

True Freedom is a fairly short Atlas Fallen Errand you can complete upon entering Lithesta, the large city in Monsalar, The Wildlands region.

Atlas Fallen True Freedom is also very accessible, but it requires a bit of exploration to find two Missing Unnamed.

The Atlas Fallen True Freedom errand isn’t mandatory for finishing the game, but for completing it, you’ll receive Essence Dust and two materials you can use to upgrade your champion’s abilities: Radiant Leaves and a Pearl Cover.

So, if you wonder where to find the Missing Unnamed Clues, I’ll share with you the locations in the following Atlas Fallen True Freedom walkthrough.

How To Start True Freedom Errand in Atlas Fallen

To start the True Freedom Errand, you must reach Lithesta and open the city gates by progressing the main quest or the game’s story.

Eventually, you’ll be able to enter the city and explore its streets. In the Upper City area, you’ll find an NPC named Lady Catherine.

She is waiting for you in the Upper City Plaza at the location marked on my map below.

Find Lady Catherine in the Upper City plaza to start the Atlas Fallen True Freedom Errand.

When talking to Lady Catherine, she’ll tell you that she is taking care of Unnamed citizens and helping them find their way to freedom.

The problem is that two of them are missing, and she wants you to find them. Their names are Dusty and Rag. Let’s see where to look for them.

True Freedom Missing Unnamed Locations

After starting the errand, there are two locations you’ll have to visit, both marked on the following map and as you can see, both are east of Lithesta.

Look for Clues east of Lithesta.

Start with the one inside the crater and head to that location. When you get close, you’ll want to look around and deal with any Wraith you may encounter.

After clearing the area, look between the trees to spot a Golden Journal.

Get the Golden Journal on the ground.

This Journal is a page from Dusty’s Diary, and nearby you’ll also see his corpse. Now that you know what happened to him, it is time to find Rag.

Head further east to the second location on my map above, and when you reach the edge of the mountain, look around for a small tent (pictured below).

The missing unnamed is east of the location where you found the journal.

Once you find Rag, all you have to do is tell him that Dusty died, and he’ll send you away and ask you to tell Lady Catherine that he died as well.

Luckily, you don’t have to return to Catherine because the Atlas Fallen True Freedom Errand abruptly ends, and you’ll claim your rewards.

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