Dead Island 2 The Rav-Ages Of Caustic-X Walkthrough

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April 22, 2023

Dead Island 2 The Rav-Ages Of Caustic-X is one of the side quests that take place in Halperin Hotel, in which you’ll help a med student named Rav find a way to make use of a chemical called caustic-x to deal with zombies.

If you decide to find and help Bobcat Rav, you will be rewarded for your efforts with the Rare Melee Liquidator, Mod Caustic-X Bomb, and 2,500 XP.

As such, in this walkthrough, we will explain where to find Rav in the Halperin Hotel and how to complete The Rav-Ages Of Caustic-X objectives step by step in the action video game developed by Deep Silver Dambuster Studios.

How To Start Rav-Ages Of Caustic-X Side Quest In Dead Island 2

The Rav-Ages Of Caustic-X side quest becomes available after you finish Michael Anders and the Holy Grail, where you must find and save Michael in Monarch Studios District.

On your way out of the Monarch Studios to Beverly Hills, you’ll hear a distress call from a radio on the Outdoor Stage near a workbench.

Answering the call will automatically start The Rav-Ages Of Caustic-X quest in Dead Island 2.

Dead Island 2 The Rav-Ages Of Caustic-X Starting Location

Hana will ask you to look for Rav at the Halperin Hotel, and that’s we are heading.

How To Find Your Way Back To Halperin Hotel

Return to Beverly Hills through the nearby fast travel point. If you’ve started the Justifiable Zombicide main quest, it is recommended to finish this mission first because it will reward you with an assault rifle.

During this mission, you’ll have to solve a few puzzles regarding pressure valves to leave the secured area and kill a bunch of zombies with Sam B.

Then, return to Bel-Air through the northern fast travel point. Once in Bel-Air, go to the southeast corner of the map near GOAT Pen Villa and use the zone exit to reach the Halperin Hotel area.

Dead Island 2 The Rav-Ages Of Caustic-X Halperin Hotel Travel Point

You can keep running and avoid fighting the zombies along the way to save up time.

Where To Look For A Rav In The Halperin Hotel In Rav-Ages Of Caustic-X

Once you reach the Hotel Halperin, get to the front door with the red carpet and head straight into the hotel’s ballroom.

Unfortunately, you’ll have to deal with these zombies since we’re getting closer to Rav.

Inside the ballroom, you’ll find Rav hiding on the balcony above the entrance.

Dead Island 2 The Rav-Ages Of Caustic-X Rav Location

Talk to him to progress The Rav-Ages Of Caustic-X side quest and wait for the next objective.

Where To Look For An Ambulance In The Hotel Parking Lots

After you finish the conversation with Rav, head outside the hotel the way you came in. Climb the short stairs ahead and go through the hole in the fence to reach the parking lots. You can either battle or run through zombies.

In the northern corner of the parking lot, you’ll find the ambulance guarded by a couple of Walkers, a Crusher, and a Slobber.

Once you clear the area of zombies, you’ll notice behind the ambulance a note called Caustic-X Shipment Receipt on a container.

Dead Island 2 The Rav-Ages Of Caustic-X Ambulance Location

To clear the poison gas, select the Chem Bomb on your DPad and throw it by pressing (R1)/(RB). Another way to remove it is to break the nearby yellow hydrant, pouring water all over the acid.

After you pick up the note, meet Rav back in the hotel’s ballroom. As you return to the ballroom, pay attention to Rav’s dialogue.

Once inside the ballroom, proceed to the DJ desk opposite the entrance and interact with it to drop the beat and start the distraction Rav needs.

Dead Island 2 The Rav-Ages Of Caustic-X Drop The Beat

After you start the music, you’ll have to fight a few packs of zombies. To deal with the zombies, take advantage of environmental hazards like electricity and fire.

Hit the Grenadier Walkers once and retreat to make them detonate and kill all the zombies around them. There are also Shocking Walkers who will cause electrical discharges.

Once you’ve cleared all the zombies, listen to Rav’s dialogue and wait for the next objective.

How To Head To The Halperin Swimming Pool

Leave the ballroom and immediately go to the right, then follow the quest marker outside into a small garden and go down the stairs leading to the swimming pool.

As you exit the hotel, the stairs to the swimming pool are on the right.

To complete the next objective, you must kill 14 zombies with the acid found in the swimming pool.

The quickest and easiest method is to have zombies follow you into the pool. Keep running around the pool, and they will get into acid alone.

Another way to drop them into the acid is to use your Meat Bait Curveball by pressing (R1)/(RB) and then drop kick them into the swimming pool.

Dead Island 2 The Rav-Ages Of Caustic-X Experiment Poolside

Return to Rav in the hotel’s ballroom once you’ve finished. You’ll find him in the same spot on the balcony above the ballroom’s entrance.

Talk to him to complete The Rav-Ages Of Caustic-X side quest in Dead Island 2 and to receive your rewards.

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