Forspoken The Barren Plains Fallen Temple: How To Reach

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January 27, 2023

Forspoken Fallen Temple is a Flashback located in the Barren Plains area near Cipal, the capital of Athia.

Flashbacks are challenges in the videogame published by Square Enix you can complete after interacting with certain monuments. For the one mentioned above, you must eliminate a bunch of enemies quickly.

The good news is that you’ll not go unrewarded for completing the challenge; depending on how fast you get it done, the more resources you’ll get.

Here is exactly what you’ll receive at the end:

Score:Reward:First-Time Bonus:
70001 Fervid Cluster2 MANA
150002 Fervid Clusters3 MANA
220003 Fervid Clusters4 MANA
280004 Fervid Clusters5 MANA
330003 Fervid Blooms6 MANA

The problem is that you can come across the Fallen Temple early in the game and won’t be able to reach it because it requires an ability that you’ll unlock later on.

But as always, you can count on us, and throughout the Forspoken Barren Plains The Fallen Temple guide below, we’ll explain what you need to do to reach the landmark.

Where To Find The Barren Plains Fallen Temple

The landmark is located in the Barren Plains area, not far east of the city of Cipal.

The larger region is actually called Somewhere Near Cipal, as shown on the following map, where we’ve pinpointed the location of the temple.

Forspoken Barren Plains Fallen Temple Location

We’ll also provide a zoomed-in map below, so you’ll know exactly where you have to go.

Forspoken Barren Plains Fallen Temple Monument Location

As you can see, the Forspoken Barren Plains Fallen Temple is pretty close to the capital of Athia; all you have to do is follow the city’s eastern wall.

How To Reach Barren Plains Fallen Temple

Once you arrive at the spot we’ve marked on our previous map, you’ll see that to begin the Barren Plains Flashback Challenge, you have to get across a big gap because the monument you need to interact with to start the event is on the other side.

To make such a big jump, you need to have the Zip ability unlocked.

But if you’ve just started the game, you’ll have to come back after defeating Tanta Sila and learn the ability in question.

Now that you’re all set, position yourself in front of the broken bridge at the location pinpointed on our map above.

Forspoken Barren Plains Fallen Temple Monument How To Reach

You have two ways in which you can continue; for the first one, you can go back a couple of meters, hold the circle button on your PlayStation controller, start running forward and jump as much as you can, then hold the square button to grapple to the other side, covering the rest of the distance.

It may take a couple of tries, but you’ll eventually do it, and if you just can’t handle it, don’t worry; the second option is more accessible.

Get as close as you can to the rock coming out of the mountain wall to the left. The rock is marked by the left arrow in the previous screenshot.

Then use the Zip ability while aiming at the rock, and just like magic, you’re on top of the mountain.

From here, you have to face the Forspoken Barren Plains Fallen Temple Monument and jump to the other side.

As you’ve probably noticed, the gap here is much smaller, and you’ll have an easier time making the jump.

You can now interact with the monument to start the challenge.

Try to move as fast as possible, taking the enemies out to get a good score and reward.

Good job, you’re a talented traceur making parkour seem that easy! You’ve reached Forspoken Barren Plains The Fallen Temple Monument, and can now complete the challenge.

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